Dicke Titten video: meaning of the clip and lyrics of Rammstein song

Dicke Titten video: meaning of the clip and lyrics of Rammstein song

The stunning clip of Rammstein Dicke Titten managed to shock the public. Everyone wonders what the eccentric musical group wanted to say. Is this a story about the main character’s love for big breasts? Or is it a challenge to a society that is mired in the pursuit of unattainable ideals, objectification of women, unrealistic standards of beauty?

Dicke Titten: What Is the Song About 

Who is the song dedicated to? To each of us who chase the unreachable when life passes us by. Those who do not notice the personality behind the beautiful appearance, who do not see the essence behind the form. In the song, the protagonist says that he has been looking for a wife for a long time, and his only criterion for choosing was a large chest. But in his entire life he never found her.

The protagonist has chosen the wrong criterion for selecting a worthy life partner. Character thinking whether she is worthy of him, he did not think whether he is worthy of her with his inability to see the essence behind the form, with his attitude to the choice of a companion as to the choice of a cow in the market.  Dicke Titten” describes the unrealistic expectations of a person in dynamic recitative. And all the bitterness of his self-deception. Society is also being deceived in its objectification of women, in its strict rules that everyone must comply with. We are also deceived when we cannot find a person who will become close in a crowd of people. Maybe we’re just looking in the wrong place. And the problem is in us when we choose a partner in such a narrow and primitive way. Around us, we see the same people, we do not notice the individuality in each person around. So do not be surprised that others do not see us as individuals. It’s a vicious circle that needs to be broken.

Dicke Titten: Meaning of the Rammstein Video Clip

In “Dicke Titten” the video complements what was said perfectly. We first see a village in the Alps, in which a merry holiday is taking place. The most attentive viewers of the video can see a sign that says: Rammstein. There are many beautiful women around – milkmaids, men – shepherds who work vigorously, and then dance and rest no less energetically. Against their background, an old man looks a little strange, who sings a song about finding a wife.

He needs so little, everything is just the big breasts of the chosen one! And if he looked around, he would see many beautiful women with large breasts. What a pity that he is blind and cannot enjoy the beauty. This is an obvious hint that society is objectifying women. And each of us is not able to see the essence, and sees only the form. It is not necessary to objectify women by raising female beauty to the level of a piece of meat. Even if the blind man, who spent his whole life in a vain search for the ideal, had his sight, these girls would not need him. He seemed to have lost the best thing he had, having spent his life on illusions. Time flies fast, we can lose what is given to us and trade it for the search for the unattainable.

In the video, we see men dancing the national dance and women in amazing national costumes.The clip also shows the national color well. Lindemann does not accidentally focus on the national aspect. It means that he is concerned about the problems of German society. 

Dicke Titten video meaning

The women around are working in beautiful national dresses. In the past, if there was a bow on the left side of the dress, it meant that the woman was free. If the bow was on the right, it meant she was married. Probably, milkmaid women are free for relationships. But they don’t want a relationship with the main character. And he is still looking for a wife, and all his days pass in solitude. The unfortunate blind old man still continues to search according to far-fetched criteria. He can’t see anymore. But we can. Let’s open our eyes to see the world as it is, to see the individuality in each, and not a piece of meat. 

Dicke Titten video meaning

Just before the end of the video, the guitarist goes into the basement to put on lipstick and get dressed, using straw to create the illusion that he has huge breasts. There are more riddles in the video than answers. Under the rhythmic sounds of music, an amazing story is revealed about the rapid flow of life, about the pursuit of illusions, about unrealistic standards of beauty, about the futile search for an ideal about the objectification of women in society.   Lindemann and his team are calling for everything to be done on time. That we should open our eyes and see the amazing world around us, discarding the stupid standards of beauty, illusory ideals. Let’s start living the real life before it’s too late.

Dicke Titten video: meaning of the clip and lyrics of Rammstein song
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