Denis Rebrov – who is he? The story of a 22-year-old millionaire, Shurygina

Denis Rebrov – who is he? The story of a 22-year-old millionaire, Shurygina

Denis Rebrov is a young millionaire, a successful programmer, one of the top 30 traders of the Locabitcoins company. Recently, his name is increasingly interested in users of the World Wide Web. Moscow girls are especially interested in a young guy. And all because the 22-year-old millionaire, originally from the city of Donetsk, changed his place of residence in 2016, moving to Moscow for permanent residence. In the Russian capital, he began to actively declare himself. Denis earns his money on his own, with hard work and intelligence (or not?). Who is he and how did he raise his capital?!

Who is the millionaire Denis Rebrov?

The biography of Denis is quite interesting. The future rich man was born in Ukrainian Donetsk on June 29, 1997. Even in elementary school, the guy was seriously interested in mathematics and computer technology. He independently studied programming and everything connected with it. I searched for information on the Internet. Already at the age of 15, a minor businessman began selling software for computer games and managed to achieve good results. This is how Denis earned his first serious money and did not stop there.

The young entrepreneur studied the system of selling accounts in social networks. In this case, he was lucky again. Then he began to buy / sell bitcoins and again he was lucky! Denis is fluent in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. He reads a lot and develops his intellect. In the near future, an ambitious young man plans to record a solo album. Moreover, the guy already has money to promote himself.

denis rebrov trader millionaire
Screenshot of Rebrov’s website (

But there is also a bad spot in the biography of 22-year-old Denis. In particular, the Mediakiller group in the Telegram messenger spread information that Denis is not a hard worker, but a real scammer! Let’s go back to 2012. Then the craftsman helped people withdraw money from Qiwi wallets without SMS confirmation. Probably, this was the beginning of the active development of the business. The fact is that the phone number that the merchant indicates as his work number was previously lit up in fraudulent schemes. The number is found on such resources:

  1. website of the Paypro company, owned by the trader;
  2. Rebrov’s official page on the VKontakte social network.

It was from this number that scammers from TC Online called, who stole the players’ money and disappeared without a trace. The conclusion suggests itself that Rebrov is involved in illegal activities, deceiving people and profiting from it. And articles about his achievements in trading and hard work, scattered on the Internet, are custom-made (according to some resources).

But if you consider that, according to the information on the forums, the guy has been dealing with cryptocurrency since at least the spring of 2017 (and Bitcoin has grown 10 times since then), then it is likely that he could make a fortune on this.

Denis Rebrov and Shurygina: what connects them?

If not for Shurygin, who became famous after the story of rape, then few people would know about Denis Rebrov. Recently, young people are often together, post photos on social networks and enjoy a luxurious vacation in Bali. Moreover, at the end of July 2019, it became known about a new candid video in which the girl starred completely naked especially for a millionaire. The clip with Shurygina caused a storm of emotions among users of social networks. Many noted that this is another reason for the young brawler to attract attention and capitalize on popularity.

Shurygina and Rebrov
Shurygina and Rebrov

There were rumors in the media that Rebrov and Shurygina were dating. The hype around their relationship allegedly rose on the basis that Diana left her unwanted husband Andrei Shlyagin, found herself a new rich and young gentleman. Information appeared that the brawler broke her husband’s nose, disgracing him. Also, several times in an interview, the blonde accused Andrei of cheating. No one has seen the official divorce document. However, on October 11, 2019, the couple announced their divorce. At the same time, Shlyagin first told the press that Diana had a new lover, and then confirmed that she lives with Rebrov in the City.

Denis’ connection with Diana instantly raised the trader’s ratings and made him a real celebrity in Russia and neighboring countries. Now everyone has learned about the young businessman and his activities. Judging by the silence of the rich man, it seemed that this relationship was nothing more than a successful PR campaign to promote services in Runet. On the official page on Instagram, the guy at the beginning of October 2019 already has almost 170 thousand subscribers, and after the intrigue with the scandalous blonde, this figure will grow rapidly. However, now we see that the intrigue has grown into a full-fledged relationship.

Title image source: Instagram @denjedik.

Denis Rebrov – who is he? The story of a 22-year-old millionaire, Shurygina
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