About Morgenshtern’s father and how Alisher ate his grandfather

About Morgenshtern’s father and how Alisher ate his grandfather

Relatives and friends of the outrageous rapper are increasingly coming under the scrutiny of the public. As Morgenshtern’s popularity grows, so does interest in his past. However, the fate of his father and grandfather remains shrouded in darkness.

Father of Alisher Morgenshtern

The artist knows his dad very poorly. Tagir Valeev had several women from whom he had children. There was not enough time for Alisher’s son. The musician’s parents divorced when he was just a child.

Tagir Fagimovich was a successful Ufa businessman. He rose strongly in the 90s and became one of the city’s biggest entrepreneurs. At the peak of his business career, he was the founder or head of the following companies: Eventa LLC, Ecomaxservice LLC, Shop No. 49 LLP. As of 2020, all of these businesses have been liquidated.

Morgenshtern's father

The man succeeded in the wholesale trade of non-frozen foods, drinks and tobacco products. In addition, he was engaged in the processing of non-metal waste and scrap. These data are taken from open registries and may have certain inaccuracies.

The further fate of Tagir was not so rosy. The man liked to drink alcoholic beverages. One day he lost all his fortune. According to Alisher, this was facilitated by his father’s cunning companion, who took advantage of the businessman’s clouded mind and slipped him something to sign.

After such unpleasant events, Tagir could not recover. He died of cirrhosis of the liver when Morgenstern was 11 years old.

The musician does not speak flatteringly about the late father, which is typical for him. But there are also positive comments. The young man is grateful to his father for his strong entrepreneurial spirit. Genes in this direction worked flawlessly. It should be borne in mind that genetics is a merciless thing, therefore, in a young rapper, not only the positive features of the closest relative can appear.

Morgenshtern's father

Recently, a funny rumor has spread on the net about Morgenshtern’s real biological father. The reason for the hype was the efforts of an unknown craftsman who got a photo of a young art critic Alexander Vasiliev (not to be confused with the lead singer of the Spleen group). It turned out that Alisher is very similar to the fashion master in his youth. This fact is hard to deny, but such a similarity looks like a coincidence. At least in 1997, Alexander Alexandrovich actively traveled around the world and hardly considered Ufa as a priority place to visit. The musician did not support this topic, saving the authors of the collage from additional hype on his personality.

Morgenshtern’s grandfather: how Alisher “ate grandfather”

The public became interested in the older relative of the musician after the release of the strange song “I ate grandfather.” The text turned out to be creepy, but the story did not develop due to the reputation of the rapper.

In the spring of 2020, a whole scandal arose around the old man. It turned out that he was suffering from cancer. The man was in a specialized hospital in Ufa, but it was already impossible to help him. Morgenshtern’s grandfather needed strong painkillers, but the medical facility could not provide them. In this regard, the star grandson agreed with Rostislav Murzagulov on “proper care” for his grandfather.

Later, blogger Vladimir Skrypnik accused the head of Bashinform of killing a person by euthanasia. Later, this topic was touched upon by Dud during an interview with the musician. The latter did not confirm euthanasia, saying only about helping to alleviate the last days of his grandfather’s life, who died of an incurable disease. What drugs were obtained at the request of Alisher remains unknown. Law enforcement agencies launched an investigation back in May 2020, but no logical outcome of the investigation has been reported.

And which of the relatives and friends of showbiz stars would you like to know?

About Morgenshtern’s father and how Alisher ate his grandfather
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