David Venable: Weight Loss Story, Diet, Biography

David Venable: Weight Loss Story, Diet, Biography

David Venable is a popular TV presenter and culinary expert. He helps people eat tasty and healthy food. At one time, he was so passionate about food that he gained a lot of extra pounds. The audience loved him for who he is and became accustomed to his image as a cheerful, kind, and heavyset man. However, David managed to surprise everyone with his slimmed-down figure. Unbeknownst to everyone, he transformed and became slender. How did he do it? In this article, we will discuss the secret of his weight loss.

Biography: Weight, Height, Age

The American TV presenter was born in 1964. He addressed his weight at the age of 57 and was successful. At this age, it is not so easy to accomplish such a feat. Information on his height and weight is quite contradictory. Most likely, his height is 198 cm, and his weight reached 120 kg. It is not difficult to understand that his BMI (body mass index) clearly exceeded the norm.

David’s figure may have been influenced by his career. He is not just a TV presenter, but a specialist in delicious food. Venable has written several cookbooks and has hosted the hit show “Kitchen with David” for many years. Sometimes it’s hard to control yourself in this line of work. Venable did not comment on the reasons for the excess weight, but it’s more likely to be due to overeating.

How Did David Venable Lose Weight?

The TV presenter began to feel some health problems. The doctor told him that they were associated with excess weight and recommended to get rid of 18 kg. As a result, David dropped almost twice as much – 33 kg. Now he weighs about 87 kg. This is the ideal weight for his height.

The viewers were very worried about the health of their beloved presenter. Sudden weight loss is often the cause of illness. However, according to David himself, the whole secret is in a good diet and workout.

David Venable’s Diet

David Venable diet

David took the doctor’s recommendations seriously, so he radically changed his diet. He practically stopped eating foods containing sugar and also limited his carbohydrate intake. Venable mentioned this several times on his social media. Unfortunately, he still hasn’t provided a list of his favorite low-calorie foods that he’s included in his diet. Most likely, his diet is based on portion-controlled meals, consuming a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits, and avoiding fried fatty foods.

David Venable’s Workout

David Venable’s Workout

One of the chef’s secret weapons that he has used against fat is the treadmill. He began running small distances, but gradually spent several hours a week on the treadmill. For weight loss, jogging is important. It makes no sense to set speed records for short distances.

Before running, David always does a warm-up. This is a standard set of exercises for warming up and stretching muscles. The fact that Venable was able to make running his main exercise speaks volumes about his good health. This sport puts a serious strain on the cardiovascular system and leg joints. You can start enhanced training only after consulting with a specialist.

Did David Venable Use Weight Loss Medication?

If diet and exercise do not help to lose a sufficient amount of kilograms, doctors prescribe special medications to patients. We have no data to support that the public’s favorite was undergoing drug therapy. It could be Saxenda, Wegovy or other drugs. They actually help patients lose more than 10% of their weight within a year. Is there a possibility that Venable used one of the drugs we mentioned? The effectiveness of losing weight, which the TV presenter demonstrated, is quite consistent with the results of taking injections for weight loss. Therefore, our answer is unequivocal – there is definitely such a possibility. However, is it really so? Until David himself confirms this, we cannot make any assertions.

David Venable: Weight Loss Story, Diet, Biography
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