Cypis “Gdzie jest biały węgorz” (Koksu 5 gram): all about TikTok hit

Cypis “Gdzie jest biały węgorz” (Koksu 5 gram): all about TikTok hit

Tik Tok has become a treasure trove of new music hits. The public is increasingly learning about downloading tracks for flex thanks to this social network. But sometimes completely unexpected compositions become viral. It is in this category that the sticky track with a rough flow from the little-known artist Cypis Solo can be attributed.

Polish song from TikTok

“Coke 5 grams” came out in those distant times when Tsypis had just begun to leave the underground. The track “Tylko jedno w głowie mam” was released in 2015. At that time, no one had even heard of the TikTok platform. The video for the song was shot on budget equipment and does not have any pretentious goodies that rappers so often boast of. The author and performer was a certain Cypis (aka Cypisolo).

In Poland, this harsh boyish hip-hop found its audience, but did not go beyond this language region. In 2020, unknown craftsmen unearthed the track and shot some funny videos about dancing cows and dinosaurs, which quickly went viral on the network. Under “Gdzie jest biały węgorz”, thousands of TikTok users began to flex, which ensured the worldwide popularity of the Polish artist and his controversial creation.

Koksu 5 gram: what language?

The words of this song seem understandable to all Slavic listeners. The track is performed in Polish, which is very consonant with Ukrainian and, to a lesser extent, Russian. Some mistakenly believe that they hear Czech or Serbian speech, but this is not so.

In the homeland of the musician, everyone knows this hit. But minors are categorically not recommended to listen to it, and even more so to perform it. The fact is that the text is full of rude words and obscene expressions. Many of them are borrowed from the Russian swear words rich in epithets.

Song Cypis “Gdzie jest bialy węgorz”: lyrics, translation

The title of the song sounds weird. Literally, it can be translated as “where is the white eel.” Connoisseurs say that in Polish slang this is how the term “delirious tremens” is used. If in Russia a squirrel comes to drink lovers, then in Poland an eel visits them. This means that the flow is dedicated to the negative state after the frequent use of harmful substances.

It does not make sense to translate the entire song, because the chorus has become the most memorable and popular fragment. It not only pumps, but also outperforms the rest of the track in euphony and literacy. Given a certain adaptation to understandable Russian speech, the main words of the song can be translated as follows:

“… I have only one thing in my head –

Five grams of coke

To fly myself

To the land of oblivion.

Thoughts in my head:

When this state ends

In which I am not alone

Because a white eel (squirrel) is coming … “.

If you want to sing about the white eel in the company of friends or in the shower, then boldly adhere to the rule “as it is heard, so it is sung.” West Slavic speech has its own characteristics, but it will not be difficult to imitate it. Problems can be encountered when trying to read the original text. A beginner will be surprised to find many letter combinations that express completely unexpected sounds.

As you can see, the semantic load of these verses is ambiguous. The author shares his negative experience of using white matter. The trouble is that the song has no morals, but only describes the everyday life of an addicted person. But this did not stop the hit from soaring to the tops of many charts and becoming a favorite background for funny flex on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube.

Cypis solo group: artist biography

Cypis is a Polish hip-hop artist and more recently an MMA fighter. It can be found on the Internet under the nicknames Cypisolo and Norman Price. He began his underground (yard) career in 2004, but decided to reach a serious level only in 2014. Over 16 years of active work, he released about 20 records, but most of them became unofficial releases, available only in low quality and on pirated platforms.

The performer was born in the city of Inowroclaw in the heart of Poland. There he began his career. The man does not publish personal data about himself, but his Instagram nickname @cypis89 gives out his year of birth – 1989. It also became known from Instagram that the hitmaker is married, and in September 2013 his son was born.

In 2020, the musician’s popularity has skyrocketed. He went international. The vines filmed under his hit about 5 grams have become very popular on the network. Initially, craftsmen sawed videos where different characters dance to the song of Tsypis. The most memeous video was a dancing cow. Later, with the help of computer editing, clips were created in which famous people sing an indecent composition of an extraordinary Pole. His words were put into the mouths of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, the eternal father Alexander Lukashenka, the football player Robert Lewandowski and so on.

Музыкант быстро сориентировался в ситуации. Теперь он активно пиарит мерч с изображением Винни-Пуха, который нюхает белую дорожку. Прямо под видео в YouTube, которое набрало около 20 млн просмотров, исполнитель оставил ссылку на торговую интернет-площадку, где можно приобрести диски с его музыкой.

У себя на родине Сайпис заделался активистом. На волне массовых протестов из-за запрета абортов, он заделался лидером общественного мнения. Митинги проходят под его матерные песни. Это очень нравится местной молодежи.

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Cypis “Gdzie jest biały węgorz” (Koksu 5 gram): all about TikTok hit
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