All about Clubhouse – a new generation social network

All about Clubhouse – a new generation social network

The main newsbreak of 2021 was the new social network – Clubhouse. On the site you can regularly hear stars, businessmen, politicians and people of interesting professions. Therefore, many are interested in what kind of social network it is and how to get an invite.

Clubhouse – social network

The Clubhouse service is intended for voice communication between people. The launch took place in April 2020 on iOS. And until now, the official Clubhouse app is only available on this operating system.

The service gradually gained popularity (mainly in the US and Europe). But a truly explosive growth began after a visit to the Clubhouse by Elon Musk. And in mid-February, Russian celebrities began to appear about Clubhouse.

The popularity of the platform contributed to the interest of financiers, and many investors wanted to buy Clubhouse shares. Without understanding, they began to buy securities of the Clubhouse Media Group, which caused them to grow by more than 100%. But this company has nothing to do with the social network

Invite to Clubhouse

The popularity of Clubhouse is due to the closeness of the community. Indeed, in order to start using a social network, you must not only have an iPhone, but also receive an invitation from an already registered user.

Entrepreneurial users have even started selling invitations. Offers like this have been appearing frequently on bulletin boards since February. At the same time, the prices are very different: on Russian Avito and Yulia, the cost starts from several hundred rubles, and on the American sites eBay and Craigslist, invites were even sold for 50-100 dollars.

But over time, such a business is losing popularity, there are more and more users, each of which gets the right to send an invite. At the same time, many share invitations for free. Even special communities are being created to help with an invite.

Despite the rapid increase in Clubhouse users, many cannot receive the coveted invitation for a long time. Therefore, under almost every post or video associated with this service, comments appear asking for an invite. And this has become a reason for ridicule among users of social networks. A lot of memes and photoshops have been created on this topic.

How to get to the Clubhouse

The fastest way to enter the application is to ask for an invitation to a registered person. Each user can only send 2 invites (several more will appear over time). There are many social media chats where users exchange invitations. Buying an invite is not recommended, because you can get it for free anyway, and in the future, the Clubhouse will become available to everyone.

If you do not have an invite, then it still makes sense to download the application. The fact is that all users who have you in contacts will see a notification about your joining and they will be asked to “let you in”.

How to register in Clubhouse?

To Register, you must have a device with iOS version 13.0 or higher. You can download the application from the App Store. It is not necessary to have an invite to install, but without it, access to all functions will be limited.

Clubhouse for Android

клабхаус на андроид

There is no official implementation of the service for the Android operating system yet. But the Russian enthusiast has already managed to create an application for android devices. Its source code is posted on Github, the repository is called “Houseclub”.

Rooms in Clubhouse

All communication takes place in thematic rooms. They can either appear spontaneously or be planned in advance. The creator of the room invites speakers, with whom the conversation takes place. Everyone can raise their hand and, if chosen by the moderators, start a conversation.
People in the Clubhouse are present from different spheres. The platform has already been visited by: Oleg Tinkov, Ivan Urgant, Ksenya Sobchak, Leonid Parfenov, Kantemir Balagov.

Rooms are created on various topics. In some, they talk about business and urbanism, while in others they joke and have fun.

All about Clubhouse – a new generation social network
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