What is beskar? Mandalorian steel from Star Wars

What is beskar? Mandalorian steel from Star Wars

Like vibranium from the Marvel universe, the space saga has its own supermetal. He was not mentioned in the classic episodes of the MCU. Mandalorian (Beskar) steel enriched the cinematic world of Star Wars by the directors of the animated series “Rebels” and “The Clone Wars”. The audience of these episodes is predominantly children’s and is inferior to films quantitatively. Therefore, with the release of The Mandalorian, the question of the canonical interpretation of the features and meaning of Beskar became acute.


Before the name Beskar was given to the metal, Mandalorian iron and the properties of Mandalorian armor were mentioned in the Dark Horse Comics Stories of the Jedi comic book series. Later, Star Wars sci-fi author Karen Traviss described Mandalorian culture in an article for Star Wars Insider titled “The Mandalorians: People and Culture”. It was a “non-fiction” article and had little in common with the canon, but many of the details now known, including the word “beskar” itself, originated there.

Beskar: properties and features

Beskar armor

This steel has incredible strength. From a long distance, the sniper blaster cannot penetrate beskar armor. Blaster pistols are practically powerless against such armor. Lightsabers are also known to have little effect against beskar. True, the accentuated stabbing blow of the lightsaber still stitches armor from Mandalorian steel through and through.

The Mandalorians clad in supersteel armor can be defeated with the help of a pulsed arc generator. He heated the beskar to such an extent that it burned everything it touched. This weapon is featured in the animated film Rebels: Heroes of Mandalore.

Significance to the Mandalorians

Beskar Star Wars Properties

In the first episode of a new project by Disney and Lux ​​Film, a customer who sends Mando to pick up baby Yoda offers him a beskar as a reward. Further plot twists make it clear that steel ingots are of great value to the Mandalorians.

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Part of the Beskar was lost in the “great purge”, after which the great tribe (or even sect) became very thin and went underground. This metal is part of the Mandalorian culture. It has great sacred significance. The possession of armor made of “national” material gives the bounty hunter a sense of purpose and arouses in him certain moral values.

What is beskar? Mandalorian steel from Star Wars
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