Members of the top K-pop group Ateez: interesting facts about each

Members of the top K-pop group Ateez: interesting facts about each

Ateez is a South Korean K-pop group consisting of 8 young guys. In less than 2 years of existence, they released 5 mini-albums and 2 studio albums, and also made a big world tour.

The history of the Ateez group

In the summer of 2018, KQ Entertainment announced the restart of the KQ Fellaz project, which existed as part of a reality show. At this point, the boy band worked in Los Angeles. The audience was heated up through teasers on YouTube. On July 3, the last song of the KQ Fellaz group was released and the new name of the band, Ateez, was introduced. Next, photos and banners of the upcoming debut were posted on the network. On October 24, a fresh South Korean group made a grand start with the release of their first album, Treasure EP1. All to Zero. At the same time, video clips for the songs “Treasure” and “Pirate King” were released.

Top band Ateez in full force
Top band Ateez in full force

After 2 months, the next premiere of the mini-album took place. And in the spring of 2019, the Aites went on a tour called “The Expedition Tour”. First, the team visited 5 major US cities, then 10 European countries, including Russia. Bright debutants gave their first concert on April 21, 2019 at the Moscow Concert Hall Izvestiya Hall. Despite the difficulties of pronunciation and understanding the transcription of Korean names and surnames, the Russian fan club appreciated the music of the boy band and provided a soldout. After the event, social networks were full of fan photo shoots with South Korean stars.

Biographies of Ateez members

The new Korean group Atiz is of interest to the Slavic audience due to the language features. The Russian public is intensely looking for information about the Cyrillicization of complex Korean words, as well as the names of the participants in Russian. Indeed, the names of the soloists from Aitis are difficult for Russian-speaking listeners to perceive and require adaptation. For fans, it is important not only to pronounce the names of idols correctly, but also to state them correctly when communicating and writing fanfiction. Fan story writers quickly became Atiz’s favorite characters.

There are only 8 guys in the K-pop collective of about the same age. All creative names in English spelling are based on the official surnames of Koreans – only spaces have been removed.

Yesang from Ateez

Yesan from Ateez biography

The Korean alias is Yeosang. The peculiarity of the Cyrillicization of the surname is the letter Yo, it is read as “Yo San”, but someone writes “Yongsan”. The vocalist and lead dancer named Kang was born on June 15, 1999. His main hobbies are snowboarding and quadcopters. Monitors appearance, regularly uses face masks.

Sunhwa of Ateez

photo of Seonghwa of Ateez

Nickname – Seonghwa. Name is Pak. The visual artist and lead vocalist was born on April 3, 1998 and is the oldest frontman. Known weight – 61 kg. Didn’t make it to the MIXNINE show. Considered the tidiest member of the boy band, she is nicknamed “Mom” because of her love of cleaning. Watching dramas and playing games.

Jongho from Ateez

 Ateez Jongho biography

Stage name is Jongho. Korean name is Choi. The youngest (maknae), but the main vocalist of the Korean group Atiz was born on October 12, 2000. He has diverse interests: billiards, arm wrestling, football, racing computer games. Develops acting skills.

Sun from Aytes

Sun from Aites biography

The pseudonym is San, and the name is the same as that of the maknae – Choi. Main dancer and lead soloist. The artist’s date of birth is July 10, 1999. Raised by grandparents. Fluent in English and Japanese. Hobbies are reading, sports and sleeping. Has a talent for artistic whistling.

Hongjoong from Ateez

Hongjoong from Ateez biography

The stage name in English transcription is Hongjoong. Name is Kim. He is a center rapper and composer. Born on November 7, 1998. He is fond of fashion design and was a participant in the MIXNINE Just Dance show. He writes music and is distinguished by strictness among the rest.

Mingy from Aytes

Mingi from Aites biography

Nickname – Mingi. Real name is Son. Russian-speaking fans pronounce the name of the idol with the letter “K” – Minky. The dancer and rapper was born on August 9, 1999. It is distinguished by a low tone of voice. He likes to visit the sauna and hot springs. Was a member of the MIXNINE project.

Wuyoung from ateez

ateez wen biography

Creative nickname – Wooyoung. Name is Chong. Also, like Yeosan, the Cyrillicization of the pseudonym of this vocalist is marked with the letter “yo” – Wooyoung. The date of birth of the soloist is November 26, 1999. Always dreamed of becoming a celebrity. He collects clothes and images, and has a sensitive nature.

Yunho from Aites

Yunho from Aites biography

The stage name is Yunho. Real name is Chong. One of the main dancers and rap vocalist was born March 23, 1999. Harry Potter fan. Colleagues note Yunho’s sense of humor and leadership qualities. Prefers active occupation and sports. Friends gave the nickname – “Golden Retriever”.

Events 2020

January 2020 was marked by the release of the 4th album of the Korean group Atiz, and in February the 5th was released under the name “Treasure EP.Map to Answer”. Both works are ratified in Japan and are in the top charts. The incredible growth in popularity of the boy band is due to the fact that Ateez first gained worldwide fame outside their native country and Asia. Only in February 2020, the guys gave 2 stunning concerts at once in Seoul in the hall of the Olympic Park. The show was called ATEEZ World Tour The Fellowship: Map the Treasure. On the eve of the launch of the second world tour, the band gave their fans the opportunity to use their author’s light stick – a light attribute for concerts.

All K-Pop fans keep a close eye on the participation of idols in various reality shows and challenges. In February 2020, the Facebook headquarters presented a new project “82Challenge” and the brave Ateez lineup will take part here. The team also became the first invited group to the show “Kkinness Challenge” from the label 1TheK. The goal was to beat the Guinness World Record for taking off your T-shirts and passing them on to the next participant in the chain.

In March 2020, along with other bands, Atiz was forced to cancel the European block of his tour. The reason is the tightening or complete closure of borders due to the developing coronavirus pandemic. The first stop was supposed to be Paris, but the concert has been postponed indefinitely. The same information was received by Russian fans.

On December 18, 2019, the Russian fan club received a long-awaited message from the organizers “Ticket sales are open”. Exactly one month later, a full soldout was announced – this is 7 thousand spectators. And at the beginning of March 2020, EATES fans learned about the cancellation of the concert, which was supposed to take place at Adrenaline Stadium in March, on the 29th. This caused a restrained reaction in connection with the world problem. Event managers promise that the purchased tickets will most likely be valid for a new date, which will be determined later.

Members of the top K-pop group Ateez: interesting facts about each
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