Actors “Once Upon a Time in Russia”: men and women acting in the show

Actors “Once Upon a Time in Russia”: men and women acting in the show

The satirical project Once Upon a Time in Russia is considered one of the most popular TV shows. The sitcom with branded humor from TNT glorified the names of artists who call the sharpness of jokes and their social orientation the main secret of popularity. About the names of the actors, and some details of their personal stories are described in this material.

Actors of the show “Once Upon a Time in Russia”: men

Azamat Musagaliev

Showman, singer and actor, beloved by many Russians, is Kazakh. Azamat was born in the early 80s in the village of Kamyzyak. He became interested in playing KVN during his school years, and while studying at the Astrakhan Technical University, he created his own team. The star of the Team of the Kamyzyak Territory has been participating in Once Upon a Time in Russia since 2014, he is happily married, has two daughters and dreams of a son.

Alexander Ptashenchuk

Sasha was born in 1985. One of the brightest participants in the sitcom spent his childhood and youth in Neryungri. He began his career as a professional humorist by playing in the KVN school team. In the show, Ptashenchuk has been removed from the first season, there is no open data about his personal life.


David Tsallaev

A graduate of the Gorsky Agrarian University was born in 1982 in the city of Vladikavkaz. Like many TNT stars, David began his creative career playing in KVN. Participates in the satirical TV show since its inception, has been married since 2012 and has a daughter.

Denis Dorokhov

Neither short stature nor a congenital malformation of the maxillofacial region prevented the charismatic native of Astrakhan from making a brilliant career. The actor was born in 1987, and he fell in love with KVN after entering the Polytechnic College. Dorokhov decided to continue his education at the Astrakhan State Technical University (ASTU), where he met Azamat Musagaliev, and became one of the brightest players in his team. He has been filming in the project since 2014, according to some reports, in 2019 he became a father for the second time.

Maxim Kiselev

The humorist’s small homeland is Smolensk. The actor was born in 1981, and, like many TNT stars, he became interested in playing KVN while studying at the university. Max began his career with participation in the Triod and Diode team, and in 2014 he received an invitation to participate in Once Upon a Time in Russia. In 2017, the actor got married, whether he has children is unknown.


Timur Babiak

Born in 1989 in Belgorod, the artist has been acting in the show since 2016. Before starting his television career, he was a member of several KVN teams. Timur does not like to be frank about his personal life.



Zaurbek Baitsaev

As a child, a native of Vladikavkaz did not dream of being an artist. Zaur was born in 1983, after graduating from school, he received a degree in psychology at the North Ossetian State University. In his student years, he began to play in KVN and realized that he could not imagine his life without a stage. Baytsaev joined the sitcom in 2014. It is known that the comedian is married and has a daughter.


Timur Tania

Teimuraz was born in 1980, the birthplace of the artist is the capital of Abkhazia, Sukhum. As a student at the Faculty of Economics of the Abkhaz State University (ASU), he became a member of the KVN team, and later became its captain. Timur has been participating in the TV show since the year of its launch, he is a happy husband and father of three children, photos of which he often publishes on social networks.


Mikhail Stognienko

Passion for playing KVN almost cost the comedian, born in 1985, a diploma from the Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical University. In the Bad Company team, Misha was one of the most talented players, and in 2016 he became the star of Once Upon a Time in Russia. Whether he married his longtime girlfriend Oksana Khriplivets is unknown, but, according to some information, they have been living together since 2017.


Valery Ravdin

The actor of the new composition began his creative path in the Krasnoyarsk team “Bad Company”. He has been participating in the show Once Upon a Time in Russia since 2018. Valery was born in 1987, he is married and has a son.


Actors of the show “Once Upon a Time in Russia”: girls

Olga Kartunkova

Born in 1978 in the village with the poetic name Grape Gardens, Olya became popular even before she appeared in the project. The actress is the only female captain in the history of the Club, under whose leadership the team was able to enter the Premier League. In 2014, Vyacheslav Dosmukhametov invited the star of the Gorod Pyatigorsk team to the show Once Upon a Time in Russia. Not a single man can resist the charm of the artist, and among the images of women embodied by her, every Russian woman will be able to find someone similar to herself. She has been married since 1997 and has two children.

Ekaterina Morgunova

The Russians could see the game of Catherine in KVN, she was often a partner of Kartunkova, and their numbers were built on external contrast. Together with Olga, she joined the show in 2014. The maiden name of this graceful blonde Utmelidze, she was born in the late 80s in Pyatigorsk, and after marriage she took her husband’s surname. In 2018, a son was born in the Makarov family.


Karina Zvereva

In 2016, a well-known comedian came to the project. Born in 1977 in Leningrad, unlike other participants in the show, she did not play in KVN during her student years. After graduating from a humanitarian university, Karina began her dancing career in the Fantasy show team, but soon she married Gennady Vetrov and became his assistant. For some time, the artist performed independently, participated in the show “Full House”, “Funny People” and others. After her divorce from Vetrov, Zvereva began dating Rafael Khusyainov, her fitness trainer, and in 2017 gave birth to a son from him.

Julia Topolnitskaya

Yulia was born in 1991 in Leningrad. After graduating from the theater institute, she starred in TV series and video clips, and in 2017 she joined the cast of the show Once Upon a Time in Russia. The husband of the actress Igor Chekhov, showman and resident of the Comedy Club. Whether there are children in the star’s family is not reported in the Wikipedia article.


Yana Koshkina

During her studies at the university, this bright brunette did not participate in the games of the Club either. Fans of the show first saw Yana in season 5. The artist was born in Leningrad in 1990. Before appearing in the project, a graduate of the Academy of Theater Arts played minor roles in Russian TV series and tried her hand as a TV presenter. Koshkina is not married, in an interview she said that she was going to get married in 2019. According to the star, Mads Mikkelsen himself will entertain her guests, but she does not disclose the name of her future husband.

Anna Dekonskaya

Like Yana, Anya joined the “family” of the show’s participants in 2018. Little is known about the beautiful brunette, she was born in 1992, and in 2014 she graduated from the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (course of Professor Boris Evseevich Uvarov). Before participating in the TV project, she starred in episodes of the TV series Aquatoria and Countdown. There is no open information about the personal life of the artist.


Irina Chesnokova, beloved by many viewers, left the sitcom in 2016. Unfortunately for the fans, Vadim Galygin, Igor Lastochkin and the singing Astrakhan Vyacheslav Makarov also left the project. However, viewers were not upset for long, because new participants appeared in their favorite program. Our doors are always open, says Olga Kartunkova in an interview. Only, in addition to the desire to become an artist of “Once Upon a Time in Russia”, talent should also be attached, adds Azamat Musagaliev.

Photo sources: June 2019 sketch (title image), social networks of actors and actresses.

Actors “Once Upon a Time in Russia”: men and women acting in the show
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