5 Tools Every Student Needs to Use Right Now

5 Tools Every Student Needs to Use Right Now

There is no denying that the internet has become ubiquitous these days. From kids to adults, everyone spends their most of time on the internet doing one thing or another. Besides, it has also become a crucial tool to conduct day-to-day operations and communication. The students, on the other hand, use it for education to do research and collaborate with their tutors and peers.

The impact of the internet on education is quite commendable as students can make most of the available information and resources to not just complete an assignment but connect with teachers, experts, analysts, and peers from anywhere in the world. Thus, it has become easier than ever for students to collaborate on projects, share ideas, and get valuable feedback.

The discussion on the transformation in the education sector caused by the internet is never-ending. This article, however, intends to inform all of the students out there about the incredibly important tools that they should not miss out on if they seek better learning.

But before we get into them, here is a quick disclaimer that in order to use the tools and benefit from their exclusive features, it is important to have a reliable internet connection, like Xfinity. With excellent speed and added value, it comes with great benefits for households. Check out their plans and packages to subscribe to one, and if you are a Spanish speaker you may browse through Xfinity en español.

With that being said, let’s check out some of the useful tools for students:

1.    elink

Ranked one of the best tools for teaching and learning, elink is a content curation tool. It can be used both by students and teachers to curate and share content and make it appealing and interactive.

It is only possible with this nitty tool to curate information from the internet and turn it into sharable content. For example, this tool enables you to make lesson plans, resource pages, book recommendations, and more.

It offers an extensive library of templates to create assignment resource pages, reading lists, and more. Moreover,  by adding its extension to Chrome, you are able to clip and save content in a breeze.

2.    Padlet

The next on our list is Padlet, which is a web application that allows students to collect information from the internet and post it onto virtual bulletin boards. You must be thinking that this is what a sticky note does.

Well, yes, it works much like a sticky note on your desktop but allows you to add links, images, videos, music, and literally anything you would want. Plus, you can embed content from over 400 applications, including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and others.

Moreover, students can use this application to add their assignments and class notes to create a portfolio by class and year. It is totally up to the user who he wishes to share the notes with.

3.    Prezi

Prezi is a new-age presentation-making software, which allows you to make interesting and engaging presentations. This, although, is greatly recommended for teachers, students can also use it to deliver highly creative presentations. Choose from a wide selection of templates and kick-start your presentation like a pro.

4.    Toppr

True to its name, Toppr is an application that provides content from different sources. It is a collaboration with the world-famous BYJUs, a leading learning application. On Toppr you will get resources to help you out with a forthcoming event. For example, you can get practice papers, test series, guest lectures, notes, exam date sheets, results, and more.

5.    PowerSchool

The next that makes it to our list is PowerSchool, which is a power-packed platform that streamlines communication and collaboration among students, parents, and teachers. Teachers can use this application to provide students with real-time access to their academic information, which students can use to stay on top of their school.

The students, on the other hand, can view their grades and assignments, access their attendance records, and keep themselves updated with upcoming tests, assignments, and exams.

Wrapping Up

There are incredible tools available on the internet for students which can help them with better learning and acing their exams and assignments. Check out some of the tools we have listed for you and notice how it makes a difference in your learning.

5 Tools Every Student Needs to Use Right Now


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