Yuriy Podolyaka: political blogger and propagandist

Full name Yuri Podolyaka
Occupation blogger-journalist
Date of Birth 02.21.1975
Family status married
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Yuriy Podolyaka is a blogger of Ukrainian origin living in Russia. He left his country in 2014, when a change of power took place in Ukraine and the prevailing situation did not suit the man. After the start of a full-scale war, Russia fully supported these aggressive and illegal actions, and also periodically released a video where he predicted new seizures of territories, which, fortunately, did not materialize due to the rebuff of the Ukrainian army and ordinary citizens.

Biography of Yuri Podolyaka

As of 2021, Wikipedia does not have a page dedicated to the blogger, which is strange, considering more than 200 thousand subscribers on YouTube. He talks about himself reluctantly, so there is little information on the network. It is known that Yuri was born on February 21, 1975 in the Sumy region. Has higher education.

Has been blogging since 2011. The launching pad for a career on the Internet was LiveJournal. Podolyaki’s page is still in the top of Ukrainian authors, although many fans of the journalist’s talent prefer to receive information from him through YouTube. Prior to LiveJournal, Yuri was published in the print media, as well as on various news sites.

Yuriy Podolyaka on YouTube and social networks

Most of the blogger’s audience shares his worldview. Yuri’s views are to the liking of the pro-Russian part of the CIS residents. Podolyaka believes that Russians and Ukrainians are fraternal peoples, and their countries should be at one with each other. This position is not to the liking of many residents of Ukraine who adhere to the Western vector of development, which adds sharpness and hype to Yuri’s video.

Key topics of Podolyaka YouTube channel in 2021 and 2022:

  • The struggle for the oil markets between the key exporters of black gold. Nord Stream 2, gas transit through the Ukrainian pipeline. The situation with energy carriers in Ukraine.
  • military conflicts. The confrontation between the unrecognized Donbass republics and the Ukrainian army. Resumption of the Karabakh war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.
  • Sharp geopolitical topics. Crises in Ukraine, Belarus, USA and other countries.

The blogger’s videos are gaining thousands of views for the following reasons:

  • Yuri can not boast of numerous sources of insider information, but he has a well-developed analytical thinking. Podolyaka knows how to extract up-to-date information from the Internet, systematize it, and build clear cause-and-effect relationships. The blogger provides up-to-date statistics, diagrams, maps of the area, and is not limited to general phrases. He was invited to cooperate with financial companies, but he is not interested in working on investment analytics.
  • Stable news feed. New videos are regularly posted on the YouTube channel. There are rarely force majeure in the work of a blogger. It can be seen that he takes his activities on the Web seriously, mounts videos, even when he is unwell.
  • Good format. Internet users are more likely to watch short videos.
  • Youtuber is not afraid to predict the development of events in the near and medium term.

Blogger’s personal life

The man is married to a countrywoman. The marriage produced a son and a daughter. The daughter is already an adult, does not share the views of her father, prefers to live in Ukraine. Podolyaka is sympathetic to her choice and does not insist on moving to Russia.

Yuriy Podolyaka 2022

Yuri Podolyaka now: life is good?

The blogger feels quite comfortable in Russia. He does not criticize the local authorities, although he says that not everything is perfect in the Russian Federation either. Podolyaka talks about Ukraine much more actively. Yuri is free, in demand in the profession, he has thousands of subscribers. The latest videos clearly demonstrate that the YouTuber is in good health.

Yuriy Podolyaka: political blogger and propagandist
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