Valerie Cossette – Top Brands Favorite

Full name

Valerie Cossette

Occupation model, blogger
Date of Birth 07.06.1993
Family status single
Height/Weight 157 cm/ 55 kg
Tik Tok
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Valerie Cossette is a Canadian model and blogger working for Fashion Nova. In addition to her multi-million blog and hot photos, the girl is known for her spectacular tattoos. They cover up to 50% of her body. Increased attention to Valerie’s content inevitably leads to the desire of subscribers to know more about her personal life, secrets of her beauty and wealth.

Valerie Cossette: Age, Biography, and Family

Valerie is of Canadian origin. Her family may have deeper roots that go to the European continent, but the model was born and raised in Montreal. Her date of birth July 6, 1993. Among the hundreds of posts on social networks, there were virtually no ones related to her childhood and youth. Therefore, users are unlikely to find reliable data about her parents and education on the Internet. Valerie’s Instagram page is currently the only source of reliable facts about her.

Fashion Model Career and Instagram Blogging

Valerie Cossette Instagram

The Canadian beauty has been in the modeling business for many years. She started appearing on magazine covers in her 20s. To show her skills strengths to potential employers, she began to actively develop her blog on Instagram. This caught the attention of the American company Fashion Nova. As a result, the girl began to advertise this brand. She also collaborates with Bang Energy, an American brand of energy drinks.

Valerie’s blog has gathered a huge army of fans. She has 2.4 million subscribers. The girl posts very hot content. Many of her fans are men who are impressed by her impressive looks. However, there are many girls among the subscribers who want to see examples of new images from popular brands.

Valerie Cossette has an account on OnlyFans (a social network with hot content) with hundreds of followers there. She created only a paid version of the page, so you need to subscribe to get access to exclusive content. Some websites often provide a possibility to take a look at her leaked photos.

Tik Tok page of the model is not so popular, in particular because Valerie does not really like this social network. Cossette travels a lot in her spare time. She likes to chill out in the resorts of Mexico.

Both fans and haters of the model like to discuss Valerie’s beauty secret. It is known that she really resorts to the services of cosmetologists. There is a video on the Internet where the girl is given special face modeling injections. However, is not known for sure whether she has done plastic surgery. There are no photos which can be interpreted as her looks before and after the surgery, so her breast augmentation is questioned.

Valerie Cossette’s Boyfriend

There are no photos with Valerie’s potential beloved one on her Instagram. This does not mean that Cossette is alone. She definitely does not have a husband, but she can have a love relationship with some guy. The nature of her blog does not allow the girl to delve too deeply into the demonstration of her personal life.

Valerie Cossette’s Net Worth

Valerie Cossette

The brands with which the girl collaborates pay generous fees. This is a merit of her talent, beauty and popularity on Instagram. One post on her Instagram page can cost up to $25,000. Long-term collaboration with a brand may be based on a contract, the terms of which are not available to the public. Valerie’s annual income can be $300K and the net worth is estimatedly a whopping $500-600K. Bloggers with more than 2 million subscribers can earn up to $1 million in 4-6 years.

Valerie Cossette – Top Brands Favorite

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