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Anthony TooTurntTony

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Date of Birth 02.11.1997
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Anthony TooTurntTony is a US social media star. This man with a perfect athletic figure surprises TikTok users with original funny videos. He attracts fans with his looks, so he got a lot of success on one of the adult content platforms. He has 17 million followers on TikTok. This makes him a fairly wealthy influencer. There are many interesting facts in Too Turnt Tony’s biography that are worth discussing in more detail.


Anthony is the real name of the blogger. Friends always called him Tony, so he didn’t have to come up with a nickname. He just added a pathetic phrase to his name.

The guy was born in Michigan on a cold day on February 11, 1997. He began to show creativity at the age of 4. Together with his father, the boy filmed funny videos. On one of them, Anthony pretended to smoke on the roof of a car. The parents of the future blogger seem to be very open people. Not everyone will agree to give a child a role in a video at such an early age.

Tony attended Western Michigan University. It is not difficult to guess that he was educated in film, video and media studies. This confirms that directing and shooting short funny videos is his true passion. It is difficult to assess how much higher education helped him in success. TikToker has obvious talent, so the university just gave him extra confidence.

Career and duck farm

Handsome began to play sports and bodybuilding in his teens. At the university, he surprised everyone with his physical form. TooTurntTony decided to magnetize his sporting achievements. He appeared in commercials as a model. Several famous brands have worked with him.

Anthony signed up to Tik Tok in early 2020 as a model. His activity has been greatly reduced due to quarantine restrictions during the pandemic. This social network seemed to the guy interesting enough to dispel boredom. Tony made short videos that didn’t have a pre-scripted script. The main topic was the relationship of a young guy with his mother. The hero of these short films constantly pissed off my mother. The number of views and subscribers began to grow rapidly.

Where is Too Turnt Tony from?

For the first time that Tik Tok could become the work of Anthony thought when the number of subscribers reached 1 million people. He received several commercial offers. The guy was doing what he loved, and the brands were willing to pay for it. After that, the content became more professional and thoughtful. The blogger sometimes claims that all topics are born spontaneously. However, most of the new clips are thought out to the smallest detail. It is not difficult for him to come up with new themes and plots, but all the characters know about their actions in advance.

TooTurntTony is not a farmer. He complements his image with ducks. The guy really knows a lot about them and knows how to care for them. If he breeds ducks for sale in large quantities, then he does it as an investor and business owner.

The influencer has recently expanded its scope. He registered with the ONLY FANCE. There he exhibits footage for an adult audience.

Personal life: girlfriend, parents, family

Does Tooturnttony have a girlfriend?

The real life of a blogger and his image for social networks are very much intertwined. In his video you can meet grandmother, father and mother. It cannot be ruled out that his family really support him so much that they become participants in his short films. However, it is better to wait for official confirmation from tiktoker.

The blogger has a brother and sister (Dominick and Maria). From their social networks it becomes clear that their surname is Dawson. Is TooTurntTony’s real name Anthony Dawson? It seems to be true, but we do not have enough data to make an accurate statement.

The young influencer has a girlfriend. Tony has too many shots of the enigmatic beauty. He hides not only her name, but also her face. This is a very intriguing image.

Too Turnt Tony net worth

Too Turnt Tony net worth

The Tik Tok star is not afraid to discuss the financial side of his job. He does not give exact numbers, but he talks like a very competent money manager. Tony doesn’t take on advertising if he doesn’t like it. He receives many offers, but not all brands get to him on social networks. With the reach that Tik Tok and Instagram can give, each video from TooTurntTony can cost over $1,000.

The personal capital of the star is more than $100,000. In 2022, it reached the peak of popularity, so the amount should more than double in a year.

Too Turnt Tony real story
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