Tom Felton: biography and personal life

Full name Thomas Andrew Felton
Occupation Movie actor
Age (date of birth) 09.22.1987
Height/Weight 175 cm
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Tom Felton is one of the brightest actors of the new Hollywood era. Tom gained huge popularity playing the villain Malfoy in a series of films about the adventures of a wizard boy and his friends, but he is not going to stop there. Seriously approaching offers, he prefers not to play bad guys and get rid of the role that literally stuck to him after the triumphant success of Potteriana.

Early years

Tom Felton

The official biography of the actor states that a family friend suggested the idea of ​​bringing Tom to a casting for an advertisement, and at the age of 7 he starred in a commercial for the large insurers Commercial Union. Among the little actor’s first jobs were promotional videos for Barclaycard and children’s clothing brands.

At the age of 10, the talented boy made his film debut, starring in the family film “Little Men”, where he played the youngest member of the family of “thieves” Peas, and the partners of the little artist were John Goodman and the master of the English stage Jim Broadbent.

In 1999, Tom was lucky enough to work with Jodie Foster in Anna and the King, in which she played a teacher who taught English to the King of Siam, played by Chow Yun-Fat.

In the television serial detective “Second Sight”, the actor played in the episode “Hide and Seek”, where he played the role of a boy who witnessed a crime.

Star start. Potteriana

At the casting of a film about a young wizard, Tom applied for the role of Harry, but was not upset at all when he got the role of Draco. However, on the set, Tom had a hard time in order to achieve the arrogant expression on his face and the evil crooked grin that Potter fans liked so much, the kind and laughing boy had to do facial gymnastics. The naturally brown and wavy hair of the little artist had to be bleached and combed back, and in the first days of filming, one of the adult actors at the sight of Felton remarked: “Here it is, the childhood that Hitler dreamed of.” At this phrase, everyone began to laugh out loud, but when they saw Tom upset, they became embarrassedly silent. During filming, he became friends with Rupert Green, and from the adult cast with Robert Coltrane and the famous Maggie Smith. About Alana Rickman, Tom says that he was the nicest and most intelligent of all the people he had to meet.

Tom’s on-screen father, actor Jason Isaacs, made him nervous a lot, but then the boy calmed down and in an interview said that they got along great from the second Potteriana film.

Felton starred in all parts of the legendary franchise, earning a reputation as a talented and responsible actor. The boy grew up with his hero, honing his acting skills and gaining experience from famous British artists.

Best Roles

The year 2010 turned out to be a very difficult year for Potter fans, because two of the brightest actors made statements that shocked the whole world. Daniel Radcliffe admitted that he suffers from alcohol addiction and plans to undergo a detox course, and Tom Felton said that he intends to “quit” the cinema and enroll in a fish farming course. Fortunately, Harry got rid of the addiction, and Draco changed his mind and continued his film career. From 2010 to 2016, the young actor starred in many films and TV shows.

Tom played the lead roles in the horror thriller 13 Hours, which also starred John Lynch, and in the sports drama Over the Bumps, where he played the role of golfer Edward. In the work on the role, Tom was helped by his passion for playing golf, and Michael Duncan Clark also starred in the film, for whom this role was the last. The “Green Mile” star “9 yards”, a great actor and a great good man, died shortly after filming ended from cardiac arrest.

In the TV series Murder in the First Degree, Tom appeared as the strange genius Blunt, one of the main suspects in the murder, and was noted by film critics for the volume and drama that he managed to give to his character. The partners of the young actor were Steven Weber and Tay Diggs.

Among the works of the actor of this period, the films “Against the Sun”, in which he played an Air Force pilot, and “The Resurrection of Christ”, where he appeared in the image of Lucius, Clavius’ assistant, played by Joseph Fiennes, also stand out.

In 2017, fans of Felton’s acting talent were able to see him in the films Stratton: The First Task, in which he was lucky to play with Connie Nielsen, and Message from the King, where his partners were Luke Evans and Teresa Palmer.

Tom Felton songs

Possessing a wonderful voice, Tom delighted fans by releasing a mini “Time well spent” in 2008, and a few months later – “All I need”. On his Instagram, the actor sometimes uploads new songs, accompanying himself on the guitar.

Tom Felton

Personal life

During the filming of Potteriana, there were rumors in the fan community that Tom Felton and Emma Watson were dating, but this turned out not to be the case. Emma did have a childhood crush on Tom, but they subsequently became friends and their friendship continued after the end of their work together. At the end of 2018, they were seen skateboarding, which became a fanfiction topic, apparently fans cannot part with the dream of marrying their favorite artists.

The actor does not like to talk about his personal life, he is more willing to share with journalists stories about fishing and a quiet life in Surrey, where he bought a house. However, it is known that Tom met with model Olga Yurevich and beauty Jade Gordon.

Felton is fluent in Spanish and French and enjoys golf and basketball. Part of the fee for the role of Malfoy, he transferred to a charitable children’s foundation.

The topic of whether the actor has a wife, a girlfriend, or is he single is one of the most discussed on social networks and fan clubs. However, in 2018, the actor was officially named among the most enviable suitors of the dream factory, which gives hope to many fans to meet his prince.

Tom Felton now

In 2018, Tom began work on the role of Laertes in the drama Ophelia, which also stars Naomi Watts and Clive Owen. At the end of 2018, it became known that the actor was taking part in the fantasy series Origin, which would be available to YouTube subscribers. Together with Tom, Natalia Tena participates in the series, with whom Tom had already met on the set of Potteriana.

Title photo source: Instagram of the actor.

Tom Felton: biography and personal life
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