Tiffany Smiley Biography: Story of Love and Motivation

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Tiffany Smiley is a public figure who helps veterans of the US Army, a politician (a candidate for the US Senate), the wife of a former military man who was seriously wounded in Iraq. This is a woman who has been helping veterans for almost 20 years. Together with her husband, she founded Hope Unseen LLC (a platform that helps people find strength and hope). The woman decided to spread her experience of helping people throughout the country, so she decided to try her hand at the US Senate.

Biography: Age, Religion, Education

Tiffany was born and raised in Washington state. She lived with her parents in the countryside. Official documents contain the date of birth and age of Tiffany Smiley, but she does not publish this information on social networks. Everything indicates that she was born in 1980, but it is worth considering the possible inaccuracy in the calculations.

Her family professed Christianity, so Smiley also belongs to this religion. She is a supporter of religious freedom and respects people of all faiths.

Tiffany’s childhood dream was to be a nurse. Therefore, in 2004, she graduated from Whitworth University, received a bachelor’s degree and the right to work as a nurse in medical institutions. All her activity begins in 2005, after her husband returned from service in Iraq. An unpleasant event became a trigger for the rapid development of a career.

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Career and Social Activity

In 2005, trouble came to the Smiley family. While serving in Iraq, Tiffany’s husband, whose name is Scotty, was seriously injured. Subsequently, he completely lost his sight. The loving wife immediately went to the hospital to help her husband. She had the right education, and she could help a loved one.

From 2005 to 2014 she worked as a caregiver at Walter Reed Hospital. After that, she worked as a triage nurse for Northwest Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates Inc. for a year. Since 2016, she has completely immersed herself in social activities.

She founded a public organization that provides assistance to veterans and their families. The woman went through all the bureaucratic obstacles and realized that people cannot exercise their rights on their own, and the state is not friendly enough to them. She works in several areas. In addition to helping veterans, she helps women overcome difficulties, including in business. Tiffany motivates for positive changes in life.

Tiffany Smiley elections

In 2022, Tiffany Smiley became a politician. She ran for the US Senate as a Republican candidate.

More career and education details can be found on the woman’s LinkedIn page.

Tiffany Smiley’s Husband and Children

Tiffany and Scotty have been married for almost 20 years. The couple has three children (sons). Her husband was a major and now works with his wife. They became motivational speakers and volunteers.

Tiffany Smiley’s Husband

Tiffany Smiley Net Worth

Both before and after her political career, the woman did not publish data on her capital. On some sites you can find data that one of her motivational speeches will cost the organizers 20 thousand dollars. If this information is true, then the actual family net worth can reach $500,000. This is a lot of money, but it is earned by hard but useful work for society.

Tiffany Smiley Biography: Story of Love and Motivation

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