Tiff Shuttlesworth: Biography of the Lost Lamb Association’s Founder

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Tiff Shuttlesworth

Occupation evangelist
Date of Birth 1958*
Family status married
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Tiff Shuttlesworth is an evangelist, preacher, founder of the Lost Lamb Association. The man travels the world and talks about his beliefs. He uses modern technology to preach: he can be found on YouTube, Instagram, he also releases podcasts.

Biography: Origin, Family, Education

The evangelist talks about Christ, shares biblical wisdom, and gives life advice. However, he says very little about his biography (including age, origin, parents). He is from Bangor, Maine. The most plausible date of birth is 1958. He is no longer young, but full of strength and energy. He has 2 brothers. Sometimes they can be seen on social networks. But there are very few details about their lives.

Tiff’s first interest in God and the Bible came at the age of 6. For this reason, after school, he did not hesitate to study at the Bible College in Massachusetts. In 1979 he received a diploma of higher education and began his ministry.

Tiff Shuttlesworth beliefs

Career and Beliefs

Shuttlesworth delivered his first sermon at the age of 16. He started the full-time ministry in 1979. Then he founded the Lost Lamb Association. His personal task and the task of his religious organization is to convey information about Christ to millions of people. In addition, he is involved in charity work. Lost Lamb has not only funded the construction of more than 50 churches, but also helped thousands of those in need throughout the United States. He is an evangelist and his beliefs are fully consistent with the foundations of this religious cult.

Tiff Shuttlesworth has ten thousand followers on social media and YouTube, and his podcasts have thousands of listeners. This is largely due to the fact that he always keeps up with the times. The evangelist demonstrates that the church is ready to respond to the urgent needs of society.

Tiff Shuttlesworth’s Wife and Children

The preacher and religious leader has a wife. He met her while in college and got married right after graduating. The couple have been together for over 40 years. There is no exact data on Tiff Shuttlesworth’s son or daughter. Devotees of the evangelist may know more, but the man never brought the subject to the fore.

Once a man made a touching post on Twitter, in which he congratulated his son on his 41st birthday. This suggests that the child in the Shuttlesworth family appeared in 1980. Now Tiff is a happy grandfather.

Tiff Shuttlesworth family

Tiff Shuttlesworth Net Worth

Tiff has a lot of capital. His personal wealth should not be confused with the financial resources of the Lost Lamb Association. This organization accumulates donations, which are subsequently directed to charitable needs, the needs of the organization itself, and the remuneration of those associated with it. Net worth of an evangelist, according to preliminary estimates, is 300-400 thousand dollars. He can afford a rich life, but does not consider that wealth is a topic for conversation or special pride.

Tiff Shuttlesworth: Biography of the Lost Lamb Association’s Founder
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I sure would like to meet you in person. and talk to you. I watch your videos on Youtube and enjoy them. I am 72 years old and disabled.