Tania Leal: How to Turn the Weather Forecast Into a Real Show

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Tania Leal

Occupation weather presenter, meteorologist
Date of Birth 10.07.1991*
Family status married
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Tania Leal is an American TV presenter. Viewers know her from her work on NBC10 Boston, NECN, Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra. One of its main topics is the weather forecast. She turned an ordinary short program into a whole show with three-dimensional presentations and interesting facts. The woman surprises the audience with her beauty and erudition. This leads them to argue about her background, education, and personal life.

Biography: Age, Nationality, Family

Tania, like her family, is from Mexico. She was born there on October 7th. The TV presenter does not name the exact year, but presumably it is 1991. She is Mexican by nationality, but has long lived in the United States and is a citizen of this country. Information about where her parents are now, Leal does not want to disclose.

She has several formations. She is a highly educated and talented woman. After high school, she decided to study law. She studied criminal law for several years at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Later, she radically changed the scope of her interests and eventually received a bachelor’s degree in biology from the same university.

Continuing her studies, the girl has already begun to appear on television. Not a small role in the interest of TV channels in her services was played by a very spectacular appearance and fluency in two languages (Spanish and English). To get the opportunity to develop further, Tania entered Mississippi State University, where she studied meteorology.


The first major step in the career of the Hispanic beauty was the work of the weather forecaster on Telemundo 52. In 2021, she received a serious promotion and became part of the NBC10 Boston and NECN team.

Tania Leal

For her creative approach to a seemingly banal TV show, Tania Leal has won several Emmy awards. She quickly became one of the favorites of the audience. The girl independently works on each new weather show, understands the intricacies of computer graphics and modeling.

Tania Leal’s Husband

The TV presenter has a husband. They have been together for many years. They have been officially married since July 24, 2014. Her beloved man is called Axel Garcia. He is an entrepreneur. The couple has no children yet. They spend their free time in the company of two small dogs. The couple loves to travel.


Tania Leal’s Salary and Net Worth

The meteorologist receives a very good salary. When she started working for NBC10 Boston, her income skyrocketed. Bosses generously pay their favorite to the public. She was able to raise the rating of the weather forecast, and this increased the profit of the channel. Part of the released funds was allocated to Tania as a large salary. The exact amount cannot be disclosed under the terms of the employment contract between the TV presenter and the TV channel.

Tania Leal’s Salary

Its net worth can be 300-400 thousand dollars. In the coming years, this amount will double. Leal received a highly paid position only in 2021, so she did not have time to accumulate a lot of capital. However, if you take into account the income of her husband, then the family capital can easily exceed 500 thousand dollars.

Tania Leal: How to Turn the Weather Forecast Into a Real Show

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