Stunna Gambino: Biography of the Young Hitmaker

Full name

Stunna Gambino

Occupation rapper
Date of Birth 10.22.2001
Family status
Height/Weight 168 cm/ 55 kg
Tik Tok
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Stunna Gambino is a young American rapper. He is the author and performer of such hip-hop hits as Everyday Struggles, Demons, Evil, etc. In social networks, he is known under the nickname VDK999. His person is full of contradictions, and there are many dark spots in his biography.

Biography: Age, Real Name, Gender

Stunna is a native of New York. His age ceased to be a secret when information was leaked to the Internet that the guy was born on October 22, 2001. His stage name is very similar to his real name. The young man has a very specific appearance. Perhaps he had some kind of childhood illness or injury. For this reason, some of his listeners have a question about the gender of the musician. He’s a man.

Gambino graduated from high school but chose not to go to university. He loved hip-hop since childhood, so he wanted to become a part of it. In 2017, at the age of 16, he began his musical career. He recorded several tracks in a broken studio and shared them on SoundCloud.

Best Songs

Stunna released his first album titled “Hood Files” in 2018. However, the second album “Underrated” (2019) aroused real interest among the listeners. He made a good marketing move by offering collaborations to several more popular rappers.

Gambino’s main hit is the song Not Sober, which he performed with The Kid LAROI. The clip has collected almost 25 million views on YouTube and brought an impressive income to the creators.

The most popular solo composition was Demons, which the guy recorded in 2021. The clip received over 12 million views. Several other songs have also reached over a million views.

Stunna Gambino has a very popular personal blog on Instagram. He has almost 300 thousand subscribers, with whom he shares his creative plans and new products.

Stunna Gambino’s Girlfriend

Stunna Gambino

The rapper has a girlfriend. They are in a serious relationship, but they are not yet married. The details of the couple’s personal life are unknown. The musician does not think about children yet.

Stunna has a brother. He is grateful for his help and motivation. The guy does not talk about his parents.

Stunna Gambino Net Worth

Stunna Gambino Net Worth

There is no reliable data on the starting capital of Gambino. Perhaps his family is wealthy enough to finance the production of his music. But one can definitely say that Stunna earned good capital with his talent. He spends his money not only on expensive accessories. The young man received universal approval and respect when he distributed meals to needy New Yorkers.

At his young age, a guy can have $500,000 net worth. Subscribers often see the musician next to luxury cars. Not all of them belong to the rapper. However, it is impossible to deny the commercial success of his work.

Stunna Gambino: Biography of the Young Hitmaker

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