Shadé Zahrai: Biography of a Businesswoman

Full name

Shadé Zahrai

Occupation business consultant, psychologist
Date of Birth 1990*
Family status married
Height/Weight 164 cm/ 56 kg
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Shadé Zahrai is an entrepreneur, psychologist, business consultant, PhD. The woman specializes in working with top companies. She helps them increase productivity, form strong team ties, improve marketing. She has a great working and scientific experience. A woman helps thousands of people find their career path. A large audience of subscribers, partners, and even haters demand more information about her past, but Shadé is in no hurry to reveal her cards.

Biography: Age, Nationality, Family

Zahrai is from Australia. She was born in the small city of Brisbane. Shadé is not of Australian nationality. Her grandparents were refugees and came to the southern continent seeking protection. At home, they were attacked on religious grounds. This information was once told to half followers on Facebook by Shadé herself. However, she did not say from which country her ancestors fled. It could be Pakistan, India, or another nearby country. The appearance of the girl gives us hints, but does not allow us to make categorical statements.

Indirect clues, such as the graduation date listed on LinkedIn, suggest that Zahrai was born in 1990. She looks very young, so many people believe that she is much younger.

Shadé graduated from Hornsby Girls High School. After that, she went to Europe, where she received a law degree from the Universität Graz. In the US, she studied psychology and received a degree from Oregon State University. In 2021, a young woman received her PhD in psychology. Her research interests included issues of leadership and personnel management.


The Australian girl did not work as a lawyer for a long time. She received important life and professional experience, but wanted to develop in a different direction. After scientific advances in the field of psychology, Shadé founded Influenceo Global Inc. This is a large consulting firm that works on leadership development, career growth, performance improvement. A small offshoot of Zahrai’s work is a small project for women. It helps them feel confident and successful. The best source of information about a long and fulfilling career as a business psychologist is her LinkedIn page.

The business consultant has a blog on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. The total number of subscribers exceeds 2 million people. Her talent was appreciated not only by large businesses that use her strategic planning services. The girl has a lot of fans among small entrepreneurs and even ordinary people who want to get practical life advice. For the latter, Shadé occasionally runs free courses.

Shadé Zahrai: Husband and Children

Shadé Zahrai Husband

Zahrai has a husband. His name is Faysal Sekkouah. He is a co-founder of Influenceo Global. He was also on the Forbes coaching team and works in the same direction as his beloved wife. There is no information about the children. The couple seems to be very busy with their work.

Shadé Zahrai Net Worth

Shadé Zahrai Net Worth

This woman is a rare example when business consultants are really professionals in their field and not only teach others about success, but are successful themselves. She has large fees, the exact amount of which was not disclosed. Her personal net worth can be estimated at $750,000 and her annual income is $400,000. At this rate, she’ll be a millionaire in a year or two.

Shadé Zahrai: Biography of a Businesswoman
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She is neither a Pakistani nor an Indian. She is either Afghani or Iranian or anywhere from Middle East


According to her name and name of her husband that seems her ancestors aren’t from Pakistan or India but maybe from Palestine or Syria or other Arab countries. ????


She is from Iran.

Farhad Ullah

Her name suggests her Iranian background, but I can only guess. She could potentially be from other Arab states. I admire her and hope to find a partner like her because I, too, am single, and this aspiration might motivate me to travel abroad. I have plans to visit the United States, drawn by its remarkable history of independence and its global leadership across various domains. I hope my dream becomes a reality.