Rebekah Kolenda: right hand of the famous evangelist

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Rebekah Kolenda

Occupation religious figure
Date of Birth 1980s
Family status married
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Rebekah Kolenda is a public figure, the wife of Daniel Kolenda, a preacher from the USA. Representative of the Christ for all Nations church. She is always next to her husband. The woman takes an active part in worship. She often reads sermons on her own.

Daniel Kolenda’s wife biography

Popular religious figure Daniel Kolenda has been married to Rebekah for over 10 years. During this time, the couple had five children. Their names are Elijah, Gloria, London, Lydia and Benjamin. The family does not go into details of their distant past.

Rebekah Kolenda was born in the USA, Florida in the 1980s. She met Daniel when she was very young. The love that was born between two young people has stood the test of time.

Rebekah Kolenda family and personal life

Rebekah Kolenda family

Rebekah does not publish information about his parents. Therefore, there is no reliable data on her maiden name on the Internet. It is most likely that the woman was also born into a family of evangelical believers, like her husband. She fully supports him and is part of his success. Her family and friends should be happy with her ideal marriage.

The girl studied at Brownsville Revival School. There she met her future husband. Evangelists can tell the details of a romantic meeting in some kind of sincere interview. However, they dedicate their lives to other people and persistently refuse to focus the public’s attention on their personalities.

Rebekah Kolenda activity: Facebook, Instagram

Rebekah Kolenda age

The woman avoids social networks. It can only be found on Twitter. Her blog is completely devoted to the topic of serving God. She does not conduct independent activities and sees her role in worship only in tandem with her husband. Her social network account is filled with reposts of publications by Daniel Kolenda.

The modesty of this woman and devotion to her husband does not prevent her from doing many important things for believers. She is often invited to women’s events, where she talks about the role of a woman in the family and about faith in God.

Today Rebekah lives in Orlando, Florida. It is easy to meet on the streets of the city. She used to travel a lot with her husband. Once she said that constant traveling is a rather difficult task. However, a woman perceives this as part of her calling. With the birth of children, her public activity decreased significantly. She devoted herself to children and provides her husband with home comfort.

Rebekah Kolenda: right hand of the famous evangelist
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