Randy Skeete: Biography of the Evangelist.

Full name

Randy Skeete

Occupation evangelist, preacher
Date of Birth 1960s
Family status married
Height/Weight – cm/ – kg
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Randy Skeete is an independent evangelist, preacher, theologian and religious activist. He has been serving God and people for many years. In his sermons, he touches on topics that really bother people. He is popular on Twitter and YouTube. A man never boasts about his life, family, net worth. Therefore, biographical data is not enough even for Wikipedia.

He cannot be called an ascetic. He has never been a fan of self-isolation. However, little is known about his past. We have tried to correct this situation and will continue to do so even better if you share additional data.

Biography: Age, Nationality, Family

Randy is from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He not only grew up there, but also remained to live even after he made a career. He is about 50 years old (he was born in the 60s of the 20th century). His origin, nationality and fate of his parents are unknown. He often travels to Africa, but we can only guess to which ethnic group his roots lead (and there are hundreds of them in Africa). Skeete is now a native US citizen.

He studied at Oakwood University. When Randy realized that his calling was to serve God, he took a course at the SDA Theological Seminary.

Randy Skeete’s ministry

Randy Skeete’s ministry

Randy is an evangelist. However, he is not a member of a particular church community. He is quite flexible in his religious views. You can easily find his sermons on YouTube. More than 30 thousand people have subscribed to his personal Twitter account. There you can find good advice for every day. His content is thought provoking. He commands respect even among those who are not believers, because he has established himself as a competent philosopher.

He has been ministering for over 20 years. During his long career, he visited dozens of countries around the world.

Randy Skeete’s Wife

The evangelist has a wife. He does not disclose her personal information. However, sometimes she can be seen on the social networks of a man. There is no information about the children, so we cannot make definitive statements.

Randy Skeete’s Wife

Actual Net Worth

A man serves God not for money. He does not magnetize his popularity. Skeete deliberately does not name the exact data on his wealth. Quite plausible are the assumptions that his net worth is $300,000. Traveling around the world now requires significant costs. He is persistent in his desire to help people and bring them information about his beliefs.

Randy Skeete: Biography of the Evangelist.
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I recommend, he has very interesting preaching.


Randy is not just a preacher, he is a great teacher. Amen