Ramina Eshakzai – biography of the leading online show and model

Full name Ramina Eshakzai
Occupation model
Date of Birth 01.03.1992
Zodiac sign Pisces
Height/Weight 168 cm / 54 kg
Family status Single
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Ramina Eshakzai – a young and charming star of the YouTube generation, she is the author and host of a channel that welcomes famous musicians, filmmakers, politicians and scientists.

Ramina Eshakzai: biography

For the first time, a girl who bizarrely combines oriental mystery and European straightforwardness became known for the first time in 2015, when she announced herself by taking part in the Bachelor 5 show. The exact date of Ramina Eshakzai’s birth is not known, according to some reports, she was born on March 1, 1992. Ramina was born in Ukraine, in the family of Oksana and Abdulla Eskhakzai, and her childhood years were spent in the town of Novaya Kakhovka, located in the Kherson region. The nationality of the father of the star is Afghan, and Ramina, like her younger sister Diana, inherited luxurious curly hair and bright big eyes from him.

Ramina Eshakzai in childhood
Little fashionista Ramina

Shortly before graduation, Ramina’s parents divorced, however, according to her, her father always supported her, he, like her mother, approved the decision to enter the Faculty of Journalism at Shevchenko Kyiv University. In the famous university, Ramina received the specialty of an event manager, from childhood she showed creativity and a craving for creativity and saw her future in the world of show business. According to the presenter, she went to the casting of the fifth season of the romantic project “The Bachelor”, in which she had to fight for the heart of Sergei Melnik, hoping to win. In the show, Ramina was, indeed, one of the brightest participants, but she did not become the winner. From Eshakzai’s interview for the Viva online edition, fans learned that her determination and desire to become famous helped her become the finalist of the project, and the lack of cunning and the inability to pretend prevented her from achieving victory.

Ramina Eshakzai – author and host of the YouTube channel “Rumors Walk”

Ramina registered her YouTube project in 2015, but it was developed at the end of 2018. Quite quickly, the show, in which Internet celebrities from Russia and Ukraine, pop stars and movie figures became its guests, became popular. One of the first people invited by the charming brunette to become her guests were Sergey Shapik, Artyom Pindyura and singer Melovin. Each new release of Ramina confirmed her talent as an interviewer and the number of subscribers grew at an extraordinary rate. In just a year, the number of subscribers to the channel “There are rumors” has grown to 200,000, the audience noted with what tact the presenter touched even the most delicate topics, and with what friendliness she treated her interlocutors.

Ramina Eshakzai biography
“Rumor Has It” with Ramina Eshakzai

Ramina admits that in order to develop her project, she had to sell the car. Despite the fact that the amount invested in the channel was very small, only about twelve thousand dollars, Eshakzai managed to create a show in the format of an interview, which in the Ukrainian YouTube space is second only to Dmitry Gordon’s channel in terms of the number of subscribers. Also, YouTube viewers appreciated the courage of Ramina, who, not being afraid of condemnation, invited such ambiguous and even odious characters as the scandalous Instasamka and unable to decide whether he was a homosexual or a transvestite, singing beauty blogger Andrey Petrov, who starred in Creed’s video “Love is”.

Photo by Ramina Eshakzai: before and after plastic surgery

The star admits that it is more pleasant for her to interview men. Subscribers also noted this feature of Ramina, because, according to most of them, few representatives of the strong half of humanity can resist her charm and beauty. However, some subscribers are sure that the presenter used the services of plastic surgeons and are trying to find proof in Ramina’s photos, which she often posts on social networks. Raminalalal’s Instagram is no less popular than the Rumor has it YouTube channel; at the beginning of 2020, the number of those who follow Ramina’s news and personal life was almost 160 thousand.

By the way, Ramina herself declares that she has never done not only plastic surgery, but even refused injections of hyaluronic acid. Rumors about allegedly done rhinoplasty appeared during her participation in the show “The Bachelor”, and, according to Ramina, she deliberately dismissed them in order to attract even more attention of the audience to her person.

Ramina Eshakzai before plastic surgery
Photo of Ramina before and after the alleged plastic surgery

The presenter also denies that she adheres to a strict diet, in an interview for Viva.ua she says that she allows herself desserts and snacks at night and does not visit fitness centers, preferring to do simple exercises at home and then only when she has it mood and free time. Ramina shows her toned, but seductive figure in the pictures and emphasizes it with revealing outfits. It is often mentioned in the Internet space that Ramina starred almost completely naked in a playboy, however, the photos, which allegedly leaked by accident and which are in the public domain, can only be called modest.

Personal life. Ramina Eskhakzai and Vitaly Kozlovsky

The first boyfriend of the wonderful presenter was a member of the KADNAY team, Philip Kolyadenko, their relationship did not last long and ended even before Ramina applied to participate in the Bachelor show.

For about two years, Eshakzai’s relationship with Vitaly Kozlovsky continued, in 2017 the singer even proposed to her, however, the matter never came to the wedding fuss. Former lovers reproach each other for insincerity, and Ramina said that Vitaly’s main drawback is greed. According to the presenter, the musician preferred to give her inexpensive gifts and even before the wedding he began to share the money that could be donated to them by friends and relatives.

Ramina Eskhakzai and Vitaly Kozlovsky
Ramina with ex-boyfriend Vitaly

Ramina Eshakzai now

Ramina continues to develop the Rumor has it YouTube project, at the beginning of 2020, singer Oleg Miami, doctor Evgeny Komarovsky and politician Gennady Kernes became her guests.

The presenter does not hide that she is happy not only in her professional life, but also in her personal life. The young entrepreneur Yevgeny Pronin became the new lover of the YouTube diva. Ramina has repeatedly said that neither the nation of a man, nor his social status matters to her, the main thing that she pays attention to is her attitude. Probably, Evgeny, the photo with which Ramina shows on social networks, was able to give her the love she dreamed of, and her happy smile is proof of this.

Photo source: Instagram of the charming Ramina Eshakzai.

Ramina Eshakzai – biography of the leading online show and model
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