Your privacy and privacy is very important to us. Our site provides Users with information services, that is, it allows everyone who visits it to get acquainted with news, interesting facts and reviews. As you can see, our task is to provide users with quality content, and not to collect information about them.

The main principles of our privacy policy are set out below. If you use our site, you agree to them in full.

What personal data we collect and why we need it

The collection of personal data occurs automatically. We do not take any action to obtain information about our users.


When a user leaves a comment on our site, we receive information entered by him in the comment form, the visitor’s IP address and browser user-agent data, which helps to fight spam.


A cookie is a small piece of information about you that our website automatically receives. Thanks to this, its use becomes more convenient. For example, the site remembers in which language you are viewing it, so that the next time you do not have to manually change the language. In addition, cookies help formulate your user advertising preferences so as not to overwhelm you with unnecessary and annoying information.

Web analytics

Analytical programs collect data about what type of device you access our site from, from what region and at what time of day. This data allows you to find out how much our material is interesting to you, as well as to develop an ideal model for delivering content. They are only available to us. The site uses the Google Analytics and Yandex Webmaster web analytics package.

Link to Google’s privacy policy:

Link to Yandex privacy policy:

Third Party Resources

The site may contain links to other resources. In addition, published materials may contain embedded content, such as videos, images, etc. Using such materials is tantamount to going to the source site. These sites may collect additional information about you.

Ensuring the security of collected personal data

We do not sell or otherwise transfer the information we collect about users. We use it to improve the content and quality of the site. Any data received that does not help achieve these goals is deleted by us or simply not used. The site has special plugins that allow you to prevent data leakage.