Paula Da Silva: Restaurateur’s Biography

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Paula DaSilva

Occupation chef, restaurateur
Date of Birth 1983
Family status married
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Paula DaSilva – executive chef at The Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale, star of Hell’s Kitchen culinary reality show, restaurateur and consultant. The woman has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She went through all the possible stages of her career and now her talent is recognized at a high level. Chef did not become a blogger, despite the interest of the public. She chose her professional path and follows it.

Biography: Age, Ethnicity, Family

Paula DaSilva was born in 1983 (she still did not voice the exact day and month). The woman is an ethnic Brazilian. Her parents had a family restaurant where she worked from the age of 10. The girl was happy to help in the kitchen, and later began to experiment with the menu. Already in adolescence, she knew exactly what profession to choose.

After school, Paula entered the culinary school at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. In 1999, she became a graduate and got the opportunity to work in upscale restaurants.

Paula DaSilva age

Chef’s Career

For the first few years, DaSilva continued to work at her parents’ restaurant. She had experience in other places as well, but they weren’t serious restaurants or hotels. To quench her thirst for high achievements, Paula decided to leave for the USA, where she could get a chance at a prestigious job.

The Brazilian culinary specialist was cast for the Hell’s Kitchen show. She became a member of the 5th season. She failed to win, but her charisma and professionalism interested restaurateurs. Instead of winning the show, Paula got something more valuable – a position as a chef at 1500 Degrees.

Further success was in the hands of a talented woman. She quickly rose through the ranks until she became executive chef at The Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale in 2017. This is a prestigious and highly paid job.

Paula DaSilva Chef

Other than that, DaSilva occasionally takes on some projects as a freelancer. This is a way to get additional income and a good opportunity for full creative self-realization. For example, she advises restaurant owners, develops menus, and provides other related services.

Paula Da Silva: Husband or Boyfriend?

The chef is an open lesbian. For this reason, she does not have a husband and a boyfriend. Paula Da Silva has a wife. Her name is Carissa. She is a dessert specialist. Paula and Carissa legalized their relationship on July 19, 2019, but they have been in a relationship for much longer. The couple adopted a child. The boy’s name is Charlie.

Paula DaSilva wife

The culinary star pays a lot of attention to her family in her social networks. She lives for work, but finds time for her family. She loves to encourage Charlie’s love of Lego.

Paula Da Silva Net Worth

The woman has a very high culinary position. She has a high salary. It’s not millions, but definitely hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Estimating her net worth is quite difficult, because she never hinted at her income. Most likely, her capital approached $ 1 million. A culinary specialist can count on such wealth primarily due to many years of experience.

Paula Da Silva: Restaurateur’s Biography

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