Park Hyung-sik: biography, personal life, wife (future), photo

Full name Park Hyung Sik
Occupation actor
Age (date of birth) 11.16. 1991 
Height 183 cm
Weight  65 kg
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Park Hyung Sik started his career in a youth pop group, but his childhood dream of becoming an actor beckoned him to the glittering world of cinema. For several years, Hyung Sik played in the most popular dramas and won the favor of millions of viewers not only in his native South Korea, but also in other countries.

Biography of Park Hyung-sik: early years

Park Hyung Sik was born on November 16, 1991 in one of the most fashionable districts of Seoul, Yongin. Hyung Sik’s parents belonged to the middle class, his father held a senior position in an automobile concern, and his mother was a music teacher. The future artist grew up with his older brother and from childhood showed outstanding creative abilities: he studied at a music school and took part in school concerts and theater productions. In high school, parents assigned their sons to martial arts, and Hyung-sik achieved great success in komdo, but, despite the persuasion of the coaches, he refused to continue his sports career.

After school, the young man entered the course of studying arts and dramatic skills at the University of Digital Culture Arts, from which he graduated in 2009. Shortly before completing his studies, the young actor began working as a clothing demonstrator and fashion model, tall, even by European standards, height, excellent physical shape, artistry and a charming smile gave him the opportunity to work with leading Korean modeling agencies.

Carier start

Hyung Sik’s creative biography began in 2010, when he became one of the nine members of the pop group “ZE: A”, who debuted on KBS with the song “Mazeltov”. In the group, the young artist was the lead vocalist and dancer and performed under the short name Hyung  Shik. In less than a year, the group acquired the status of a youth idol and glorified the members, whose photos did not leave the glossy covers, and each video clip for the songs of the Korean boy band invariably became more popular than the previous one.

For the first time on the TV screen, Hyung Sik, or, as his fans began to call him, Hyunsgik, appeared in 2012, starring in an episode of the SBS serial drama I Remember You, after which the audience saw him in the sitcom Silly Mom. In 2013, the Korean teen idol was offered a role in the television series The Heirs. It was difficult for the artist to combine performances in ZE: A with filming in the series, and he was forced to make a choice. Even though music has always been an important part of Hyung Sik’s life, he followed his childhood dream and decided to focus on his acting career.

Park Hyung Sik
Park with co-stars

The best roles of Park Hyung Sik

In the 2013 four-episode crime melodrama Sirius, the actor played the role of a heroic police officer in his youth, and in the 2015 drama High Society, he was the heir to the financial empire of Chang Soo, who is in love with a simple saleswoman played by Lim Ji Yong. “High Society” stands out from most dramas with its social themes, elegantly played by the creators of the series. The role of Jang Soo is considered one of the best in Hyung Sik’s filmography, it was she who brought him recognition of his talent and ensured immense popularity both at home and in other countries.

In the 2016 historical comedy film Hwarang: The Beginning, fans saw their favorite in the company of Min Ho, Do Ji Han, V, and Park Seo Joon playing beautiful ancient super warriors whose king was the character Hyungsik.

Dramas with Park Hyung Sik 2017-2018

The image of a spoiled parental money, capricious Min Yuk, who must be guarded by the main character, a very young girl with supernatural strength, was embodied by the actor in the 2017 fantasy comedy drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The actor’s partner in this project was Park Bo Young, whose tender kisses aroused suspicions among the fan army about a possible romance between the two actors.

In the Korean adaptation of the famous series about lawyer investigations Force Majeure, released in 2018, Hyunsik played one of the lawyers. The audience praised Park’s graceful and intelligent acting, and Lee Tae Sung and Jang Dong Gun also took part in the project.

Park Hyung Sik and his future wife Park Bo Young?

The dream of many girls, a symbol of the triumph of talent and beauty, Hyung Sik says that most of all in life he hates lies and tries to be sincere. From the very beginning of his film career, fans attributed romances with partners to the young artist, but he always stated that his heart was free, and he was friends with actresses. This continued until 2017, when the case brought together on the set of the drama “Strong Woman” Hyungsik and the charming Park Bo Young. The spark of mutual sympathy that flared up was simply impossible not to notice, and the joint photos that the actors published on their Instagram pages gave fans reason to hope for a speedy wedding. However, disappointment soon awaited the fans: in 2018, it became known that Henshik broke up with a beautiful colleague, which he wrote on Instagram with words of sincere regret. In the fall of 2019, the handsome prince of Korean cinema will turn 28 years old and in an interview he says that he is not yet ready to change his status from “single” to “married”.

Park Hyung
Park Hyung Sik: Army (film photos)

Pak Hyung sik now

The comedy-drama “8 Jury” was shown in May 2019 and became Hyunsik’s debut on the big screen. The plot of the tape repeats the first public jury trial in the history of South Korea, held in 2008. The actor played a young juror, while Baek Soo Chan, Oh Soo Jung, Kim Jun Gyum, Kim Min Kyung, and Yoon Kyung Ho played the roles of other citizens who had the honor of becoming the first Korean jurors.
In April 2019, it became known that Henshik had applied for military service. In June, the artist will begin his service in the Metropolitan Military Police, after which, fans hope, he will return to his acting career.

Photo sources: Instagram Park Hyungsik.

Park Hyung-sik: biography, personal life, wife (future), photo
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