Opto And His Team Of TopNotch Idiots

Full name

Opto (Aris Egiazaryan)

Occupation youtuber, pranker
Date of Birth 10.18.1994
Family status single
Height/Weight – cm/ – kg
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Aris Sureni, the charismatic YouTuber known as Opto, is an Armenian pranker of Armenian descent. The star has over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel TopNotch Idiots currently. A bright opinion leader loves playing pranks, which allowed him to achieve unforgettable popularity and earn an impressive net worth. True, he is in no hurry to give personal information about himself and his girlfriend, playing along with the rumors and assumptions of the fans. One thing is clear: if you want to succeed, this guy has a lot to learn.

Biography: real name and origin

Opto is a nickname for the YouTube star Aris Egiazaryan. The  Armenian guy was born on October 18, 1994. The main mischievous YouTuber treats his origin with great respect. In particular, the flag of Armenia is flaunted in his profile description on his Instagram.

Opto TopNotch bio
Young Opto

Opto is a professional goalkeeper in football. He has been enthusiastic about this sport since childhood. The guy worked hard and was supposed to get into the football team in 2012, but fate decreed otherwise. He received a severe fracture of his arm, in addition, there were still circumstances that the guy is silent about. But as a result, he was forced to give up his dream of becoming a famous soccer player. However, he has not lost his interest in football. On his famous TopNotch Idiots channel, you’ll find a couple of videos of the YouTube star demonstrating his football technique.

Whether he himself came to the US, or whether he was already born here is not known for certain. But it was in California that Opto took his pseudonym. Now the man has settled down perfectly in Los Angeles.

In his videos, he showed the general public his parents. As it turned out, they are bright and positive people who treat their children (son and daughter) with great love. Also, the two dogs live in a friendly family. Opto’s sister’s Instagram profile is private. On the whole, Opto doesn’t talk much about the events of his life.

Youtube Star’s Net Worth

Opto TopNotch net worth

It is quite difficult to imagine the exact figures for the star’s Net worth. But some speculation has emerged. Considering that the number of views on his videos on YouTube exceeds 200 million, we can assume that the net worth of a star in 2022 is at least $1 million. His monthly income is 30 thousand dollars. The star also receives excellent income from the sale of goods. For example, fans can buy hoodies, sweatpants, and t-shirts.

TopNotch pranks

His first video appeared on his YouTube channel in 2013. The guy feels the audience perfectly and understands what the public needs. In one of the videos, a man asked the police for a cigarette. This video has received a lot of views. You can also see a series of motorcycle pranks, which get over a million views. That was the start of TNG’s success. Since 2020, the channel has enjoyed incredibly great popularity, bringing its creative department a huge profit.

Today, the TopNotch team has several interesting people working, in particular, the famous AJ Wolfy, who knows how to cheer the audience.

Opto’s girlfriend

On Instagram stars, fans now and then find photos with chic beauties. The fans are very interested in who owns the heart of a young and successful handsome man. But alas, the star keeps her personal life a secret. Though his heart is probably free.

Opto feels great, shows videos of beauties and pranks, collecting millions of fans on his channel. In the last few years he has gained a little weight. But overall, the star is in excellent shape. If you want to become successful and famous, you have a lot to learn from this chic prankster. He is smart, talented, charismatic, and has a great feel for his audience.

Opto And His Team Of TopNotch Idiots
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