Oona Chaplin: biography and personal life of Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter

Full name Oona Castilla Chaplin
Occupation actress
Age (date of birth) 05.04.1986
Height/Weight 170 cm / 57 kg
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Oona Chaplin is one of those actresses who was lucky enough to be born into a family of world famous filmmakers. However, Oona herself believes that her origin is a certain standard of skill and lifestyle, which imposes certain obligations on her and which she must comply with. Oona is known to the domestic audience for her work in the TV series Game of Thrones and Taboo.


Oona Chaplin is the daughter of actress Geraldine Chaplin and her second husband, Patricio Castilla, a filmmaker and public figure.

Geraldine, the daughter of the famous film actor and film director Charles Chaplin, gave birth to Una quite late – at 42 years old. Madrid doctors warned the actress about the risks and complications that may arise in the process of bearing a child, but Geraldine did not want to listen to anyone. She already had a son from her first marriage, and she dreamed of a daughter.

Oona was born on June 4, 1986 and was named after her grandmother, the wife of the great Chaplin. From early childhood, she began to study choreography, danced classical ballet, as well as flamenco and salsa. Until the age of 14, the girl lived in Madrid, and after graduating from high school, her parents sent her to northern Scotland, to the elite boarding school Gordonstone, where she became interested in theater.

After leaving the walls of the boarding house, Oona became a student at the Academy of Dramatic Art.

Young Oona Chaplin
Young Oona Chaplin

Oona Chaplin’s career Start

While studying at the Academy, the young actress took part in a short film, where she starred with her mother. In 2007, Oona appeared on national British television in the TV series Ghosts, and after graduating, she played cameo roles in the films Unthinkable and Quantum of Solace.

The first significant work of the heiress of the great cinematic dynasty was the role in the 2009 mystical psychothriller The Image of Death. In a terrible story about a professor who invented a method for obtaining an image from the retina of a person who had just died, the actress played a student who almost became another victim of the inventor. The partner of the actress was Alberto Amarilla, and Geraldine Chaplin also played in the film. The picture was a truly European creation, the American audience lacked entertainment and dynamics in it.

In 2010, Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter played in the romantic film Pelican’s Blood, in which she was accompanied by Harry Treadaway and Christopher Fulford, and in the TV series Sherlock, where Benedict Cumberbatch shone as the famous book detective, and although critics noted the bright play of the young actress, her fame did not go beyond Britain.

Game of Thrones

In the project, which gained cult status from the very first episodes, the actress received the role of the healer and wife of the northern king, Talisa Stark, for which she was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award. Viewers remember Oona’s character as a combination of courage and aristocracy, and her death at the very beginning of the third season caused outrage among fans. The role of the beauty’s husband was played by Richard Madden, Jason Momoa, Sean Bean, Natalia Tena, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and others also participated in the project.

Who did Oona Chaplin play on Game of Thrones? Talisa Stark – wife of Robb (King of the North). But do you know the meaning of the Night King’s messages?

Films with Oona Chaplin

In the 2014 drama Up in the Air, the actress collaborated with Cillian Murphy, Peter McRobbie, Melanie Lauren and Jennifer Connelly, but the picture did not live up to the hopes of the creators, who relied on the participation of young bright actors. The embodiment of the idea seemed to both critics and viewers too blurry, and the measured rhythm of the narrative did not create the proper tension.

Oona met Jack Huston and Brittany Robertson on the set of The Long Road, released in 2015. The touching story of love and devotion received high ratings, largely due to Oona’s duet with Jack Huston.

In Project Lazarus, a fantastic drama with a deep philosophical meaning, the actress played the role of Naomi, the wife of the protagonist, who decided to take a desperate step to overcome a fatal disease. Film critics called the picture one of the best in its genre.


In the series, even before its release, called the event of the 2017-2018 film season, the actress joined Tom Hardy. The line of relationships between the characters of Oona and Tom Hardy is one of the main ones in the series, which struck the audience with the gloomy atmosphere of London at the beginning of the 19th century, and the personal tragedy of the odious historical character and his sister, whose role was played by Oona.

Oona Chaplin with the cast of Taboo
Oona Chaplin with the cast of Taboo

The continuation of the series “Taboo” (season 2) is expected in 2020. A more precise release date has not been announced. Most likely it will be the end of 2020. Whether Oona Chaplin will be involved is also not yet clear. But she may well appear in the second part of “Taboo” in short flashbacks.

Personal life

Like any beautiful and young actress, Oona was credited with novels with her partners on the set. Rumors about the relationship of Oonana and actor Alex Lanipikan were partly facilitated by a photo posted on Chaplin’s Instagram. Fans and subscribers did not immediately figure out that the photo was a frame from the filming of the series “Ghosts” and began to besiege the actress’s Instagram.

In an interview after the premiere of the Susha tape, the girl admitted that she had not yet met a man with whom she would like to start a serious relationship, and one-time meetings do not appeal to her.

Oona Chaplin nude

Oona Chaplin now

In the melodramatic comedy Susha, released in 2018, the actress met Natalia Tena, whom she became friends with while working on Game of Thrones. Geraldine Chaplin also played in the film, which deserved the attention of the audience with the subtle play of two beautiful actresses and the theme of same-sex love raised in it.

At the end of 2018, it became known that Oona joined the cast of the fantasy adventure Avatar 2, which is scheduled to premiere in 2020. The character of the actress is called Varang, the sequel will be played by the actors from the first film of the saga, as well as others, the composition of which may change.

Photo source: Instagram actress.

Oona Chaplin: biography and personal life of Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter
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