Nicole Marfula – the story of an Odessa star

Full name Nicole Proskuryakova
Occupation blogger, gymnast
Date of Birth 10.09.2011
Height 117 cm
Weight 27 kg
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Miss Nicole is the name of a YouTube blogger, singer and gymnast from Odessa. For the first time, a young Odessa woman declared herself in 2017, when her mother created a YouTube channel, and in which she began to post videos of her training and performances. In a short time, the girl gained millions of subscribers, and in 2018 she began to release songs and videos.

Miss Nicole: biography and family

Nicole is the real name of the young blogger and gymnast, according to information provided on her official pages on social networks, she was born on September 10, 2011. Nicole’s hometown is Odessa, her mother’s name is Tatyana Proskuryakova, it is she who manages all the pages of her daughter and her YouTube channel. There is no open data about who Nicole’s dad is, on the video voice, subscribers can only hear the voice of a man, Ruslan Proskuryakov.

In social networks, the girl became known as Nicole Marfula, however, her real name is Proskuryakova, as evidenced not only by the name of her parents, but also by the data of Ukrainian sports sites. In her native Odessa, a girl from the age of five began to study at the Storozhenko Sports Complex, at a sports school opened by Alexandra Igorevna Storozhenko, who was previously a member of the Odessa region rhythmic gymnastics team.

Miss Nicole how to sit on the twine
Master class from Miss Nicole – how to sit on the twine

For the first time, the inhabitants of the Internet space heard about the little Ukrainian gymnast in the fall of 2016, when her mother posted the first videos on the Miss Nicole channel. In one of the first videos, the girl unpacked the gifts she received for her birthday from friends and parents, among which were sweets, toys and a microphone. In 2017, she became a participant in the Videofire event, in which other young bloggers such as Ya-Alisa and Pupsi Kira also participated. Nicole captivated the audience with her spontaneity and artistic abilities, but she became a real YouTube star thanks to rhythmic gymnastics.

Gymnastics Miss Nicole: video

Videos in which a young student of the sports school Alexandra Storozhenko shows stretching exercises and talks about her workouts have attracted millions of subscribers. In her videos, gymnast Nicole tells how to sit on the splits correctly and quickly, learn how to stand on the bridge and perform exercises with a rope and a ball.

Miss Nicole: songs

Like other famous inhabitants of YouTube, Nicole did not limit herself to videos, and proved herself as a singer. In 2018, fans saw clips for the songs “I go out onto the carpet”, “Dance with me” and “I will come to you”. At the end of 2019, the young artist delighted fans with a video for the song “Dance to Miss Nicole”, in which her cousin Zhenya, who is also a famous blogger, starred.

Nicole Marfula now

In the fall of 2019, Nicole became the star of the Miss Child Star Odessa dance competition, organized by the Millennium Alliance Hall production center, hosted by the young Maximilian Arbatsky and Alina Kirchalova.

Miss Nicole photo
Young gymnast with another award

In early December 2019, Nicole’s YouTube channel posted her performance at the New Dnipro Stars, the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament, held in 2017 in Dnipro. In a matter of days, the video from the competition gained more than five hundred thousand views, the girl continues to delight subscribers with photos and videos, she goes to school, does gymnastics, vocals and dances, travels with her parents and has fun with friends.

At the end of 2019, Nicole starred in the parody video Hysteric. The lyrics of the song were altered from Arthur Pirozhkov’s hit “Alcoholic”, and the song was performed by Nicole’s brother, Zhenya.

Source of personal photos: instagram of a promising talented athlete Miss Nicole.

Nicole Marfula – the story of an Odessa star
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