Mygz Molino: Philippine Star Biography

Full name

Mygz Molino

Occupation blogger, actor, model
Date of Birth 12.10.1985
Family status single
Height/Weight 180 cm/ 75 kg
Tik Tok
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Mygz Molino is a Filipino blogger, musician, actor, youth favorite. He is one of the most popular YouTubers in his country. A man blogs on social networks. The beginning of his musical career brought him even more fans. Mygz’s talent has become known far beyond the Philippines. In the US and Europe, he has many admirers who want to know more about his age, family, wealth.

Biography: Age, Real Name, Family

Mygz Molino was born in the Philippine city of Marikina on December 10, 1985. The man looks very young, so many of his fans are not even aware of his real age. Do not look for hidden facts in his biography. The actor does not hide his real name and date of birth. The only topic that is taboo for him is the family (parents, childhood, brothers and sisters).

As a child, the guy did not think about an acting career, and the concept of a blogger did not exist at all. Therefore, in order to secure a career for himself, he entered the Philippine Institute of Technology. He worked for several years in his specialty, until he accidentally got on the set.

Mygz Molino career

Career: Movies, Blog, Songs

Molino’s acting career peaked in 2012. The 27 year old man knew his strengths and weaknesses. He perfectly got used to his roles and fell in love with the public after the release of the films Id’Nal (Mapusok), Hawla, Mestizo A Beautiful Boy. Popularity. Mygz encountered motivated him to find a new line of work. He began to appear more often on screens (advertising, TV shows). His appearance interested modeling agencies. Molino’s social media went into a frenzy.

In 2019, the man created a YouTube channel and started his Vlog. He approached the matter professionally. High-quality shooting and a competent plot create the feeling of a reality show. A man often raises really relevant social topics. His videos have received over 150 million views.

On Instagram, the handsome man does not have so many fans. There is no Vlog. His page is more like a personal photo diary.

Being already quite popular, Mygz Molino decided to try himself as a singer. He has recorded several music videos. This did not become his main occupation, but it pleased all subscribers very much.

Mygz Molino: Wife or Girlfriend?

The blogger had a relationship, including quite serious and long-term ones. He was credited with an affair with Noemi Tesorero, with whom he made a lot of videos. However, there was a strong friendship between them, and Mygz strongly supported it. The woman was neither his wife nor his girlfriend.

Now Molino bypasses the topic of personal life side. He does not have kids.

A man definitely has no shortage of interest from girls. So far, this has not resulted in any obvious result.

Mygz Molino Wife

Mygz Molino Net Worth

Youtuber has a long career. His earnings are growing year by year. For the first shooting, he received a small fee. Advertisers now have to shell out a hefty sum for Mygz to appear in an ad or post on social media.

The main source of income for the Filipino is YouTube monetization and sponsorship contracts. This allows him to have a net worth of about 800 thousand dollars.

Mygz Molino: Philippine Star Biography

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