Maria Holvoe: the Secret Story of a Hollywood Star

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Maria Holvöe

Occupation actress, artist
Date of Birth 1962*
Family status
Height/Weight 173 cm/ – kg
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Maria Holvöe (you may have met her under the name Maria Holvoe Gouras) is an actress who shone in the late 80s of the 20th century, but still excites the fantasies of fans. The peak of her career was shooting in the film Willow (1988). What is the date of birth, biography, today’s fate of this woman? She disappeared as suddenly as she appeared in Hollywood.


Maria was born in Sweden. There she graduated from high school. At a young age, she moved to the United States, where she was able to build a career. Holvoe was born around 1962. Now she is about 60 years old. There is no exact information about her family.

Movie Career

The first serious role for Maria was participation in the TV series Spencer (1986). It was a real breakthrough. Fans began to recognize the young girl. This secured her a very important role in the hit Willow. She appeared before the audience as the fairy queen Cherlindrea. This character was very important to the plot, although he did not have much screen time.

The incredible box office success of the film brought the girl good money. She was at the top of her popularity. A year later, she appeared in the film The Last Warrior. It was her hottest role. Men are still looking for some juicy footage from this hit movie.

After that, the career came to an abrupt halt. There is no current news, so the story of this actress has a mystical flavor.

Maria Holvoe wikipedia

She has lived in New York for over 30 years. In 2012, Maria Holvöe returned to her homeland and started doing art. Now she paints pictures and is happy to immerse herself in art. «When i hang a painting it feels like setting a bird free», says the artist. The main theme of her paintings is nature. The results of her work can be found on Instagram or on the official website. There she mentions that she has experience as an actress, but woman ignores the details of this experience as if it was insignificant or unpleasant.

Personal Life

Maria was in a relationship. The woman has a daughter. She is already an adult (26 years old). Where Maria’s husband is unknown. There are photos on Instagram with men, but we can only guess what kind of relationship the Swedish artist has with them.

Maria Holvoe family

Maria Holvoe Net Worth

Several successful films brought the woman good money. In the 80s, she could have a net worth about $1 million. However, a lot of time has passed since then. Her main income now is the sale of paintings and participation in exhibitions. It is very difficult to guess the size of her capital. It can be 300 thousand dollars. Most likely, the woman is a supporter of the Swedish lagom lifestyle. A luxurious life is not part of the Swedish national character.

Maria Holvoe: the Secret Story of a Hollywood Star
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