Manuel Ríos Bio and Orientation: More Questions Than Answers

Full name

Manuel Ríos Fernández

Occupation actor, model, blogger
Date of Birth 12.17.1998
Family status single
Height/Weight 180 cm/ 70 kg
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Manuel Ríos is an actor, model, blogger and musician from Spain. He is very popular on social media. Following the success of the series, Elite caught the attention of the public with the issue of sexual orientation. The controversy about whether Manuel is gay has brought him a lot of followers on Instagram. The talented man continues to work in the film industry. He receives highly paid sponsorship contracts. The secret of his personal life does not cool the interest of a wide audience in his person.

Who Is Manu Rios: Wiki Data

Manu was born on December 17, 1998. His parents are native Spaniards. At the time of the birth of their son, they lived in the small town of Calzada de Calatrava. His father’s name is Manoli and his mother is Julian. The Rios Fernandez family has 2 children. Manu has a brother. Manu often spends time with his parents and brother. They have a friendly family. Thanks to this, the guy began his career at a very early age. He showed interest in music in elementary school. And at the age of 9 he took part in the first television project.

Manu Ríos parents

The age of Manu Rios is sometimes controversial because the guy has a very cute appearance. Some fans of his work do not believe that he is much more than 20 years old.

Manu has a model appearance. This is not only heredity, but also hard work. With a height of 180 cm, he weighs 70 kg. To do this, he has to go to the gym every day. He does not talk about his training system.

Rios graduated from a private school in his hometown. There are no exact data on higher education. Given the early start of his career, there are doubts that he spent time studying at the university.

Is Manu Rios Gay: Secrets of Personal Life

Manu Ríos gay

Sexual orientation remained a private matter for Manu Rios until the release of Elite (2021). There, the guy played the role of Patrick Blanco. According to the plot of the series, he was gay or bisexual. Some explicit scenes made viewers think that Rios is also a representative of the LGBT community. The guy did not officially deny this, but he did not openly admit his love for men either.

Manuel is not married. He does not post photos on social media where his girlfriend or boyfriend can be found. He definitely had a relationship with a girl. Their outcome remains unclear. The behavior of the actor and blogger suggests that he is more bisexual than gay. This means he is not gay. He is tolerant of any sexual orientation. However, for more accurate conclusions, his personal confirmation is needed.

Manu Rios Career and Net Worth

The actor’s parents are not poor people. However, they supported their son’s desire to perform in public. In 2010, the boy participated in a musical TV show. In 2014, he played an episodic role in the Spanish TV series. At the same time, he successfully played in the theater of Lope de Vega.

Since 2011, Manuel has started his YouTube channel. At first it was dedicated to the young man’s musical hobby, but later turned into a blog. There are over 1 million followers, but the main source of content is Instagram.

Elite Manu was invited to the series as a young and talented actor without great experience, but with great prospects. After the series became part of the Netflix streaming service and gained popularity on all continents, Rios has become a highly paid actor in the top category.

The acting career and modeling business brought the handsome man about $ 2 million. The same amount was brought to him by popularity in social networks and advertising contracts. Its net worth can be estimated at about $4 million.

Manuel Ríos Bio and Orientation: More Questions Than Answers
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