Kkvsh (Mikayla Saravia): Biography and Other Secrets

Full name

Mikayla Saravia

Occupation blogger, model, entrepreneur
Date of Birth 10.29.1997
Family status unmarried
Height/Weight 153 cm/ 65 kg
Tik Tok
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Kkvsh (Mikayla Saravia) is an American blogger, model, and entrepreneur. She is one of the world’s top influencers with over 8 million regular followers on Instagram. The girl knows how to surprise with unexpected images and a hot temper. There isn’t a day when Saravia doesn’t delight fans with some interesting content, but there’s almost no exclusive biography data in it. This is one of the reasons why Wikipedia has deprived her of attention.

Biography: Age, Nationality, Education

Mikayla was born in the USA and has the citizenship of this country. She was born on October 29, 1997, so it can be said without a doubt that she achieved success at a very young age. There is no reliable data about her father and mother, but they are connected with Jamaica and El Salvador. The Hispanic nationality has become one of the components of the popularity of Kkvsh, because it does not have a really memorable appearance.

Mikayla finished school. She didn’t go to university. The girl immediately knew that she wanted to make a career in social networks.

Interesting fact. The girl was able to attract serious attention to herself in 2019. During Easter, someone shot her. On YouTube you can find a video about how doctors got a bullet.


The girl began her active work on the Internet at the age of 20. She created a YouTube channel. I began to systematically and purposefully develop my Instagram account. She created the kkvsh brand. On her website you can see the assortment that the businesswoman offers her fans. The origin of the nickname remains a secret. This is an abbreviation (without vowels) from some nickname.

Latin American beauty created an account on Onlyfans. This is an important part of her hot image. She created paid and free accounts. Those who expect candid footage without a subscription will be disappointed. Kkvsh knows how to stir up the interest of subscribers, so many of them are looking for leaks. She has about 750 followers on her main account. It may not seem like much, but it is a very good indicator for this social network.

Mikayla Saravia biography

In YouTube, the beauty publishes funny videos. They have very little meaning. This is one of the reasons why the YouTube channel has less than 50 thousand subscribers and 5.1 million views.

For fun and hype, Mikayla recorded several songs. They are available on some streaming platforms. This did not bring her musical fame.

Kkvsh (Mikayla Saravia): Where Is Her Boyfriend?

Mikayla is not married, but she has a boyfriend. She does not reveal his name. Fans of the girl can see him in the spicy photos and videos posted by Kkvsh. They have been together for several years, but it is difficult to assess the seriousness of their future intentions. The blogger has no children. So far, she has no plans to start a family and become a mother.

Kkvsh (Mikayla Saravia) Net Worth

Mikayla Saravia leaks

The girl earns a lot. She will soon become a millionaire. Specific content and a narrow target audience does not allow her to charge a lot of money for advertising on Instagram, but one post can cost about $25,000. Her work brings Saravia up to $150,000 a month. Her net worth reaches 900 thousand dollars. She received the largest income in the period from 2021 to 2022. Profit in 2023 cannot yet be estimated with sufficient plausibility.

Kkvsh (Mikayla Saravia): Biography and Other Secrets
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