Kirachaana: Beauty and Business Talent

Full name

Karo Oboghor

Occupation blogger, model, entrepreneur
Date of Birth 03.20.1999*
Family status unmarried
Height/Weight 175 cm/ 65 kg
Tik Tok
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Kirachaana is a blogger, entrepreneur and model from Africa. This is her social media handle, and her real name is Karo Oboghor. She is one of the leaders of Instagram on the continent. The girl is a highly qualified specialist in the beauty industry. Her fans are constantly collecting rumors about her, because there is not much biographical data on the Internet.

Biography: Age, Family

Karo Oboghor was born in South Africa, but she is Nigerian by nationality, like her parents. Why they left their homeland is unknown, perhaps they went to a richer country in search of a better life. The blogger was born on March 20, 1999 (the year of birth is indicated approximately, because the girl deliberately hides the exact age).

Beauty is a Christian by religion. She highlights this on her blog. Perhaps for this reason, she does not publish too candid photos and videos.

Karo has been passionate about fashion and beauty since childhood. She took care of herself and wanted to connect her career with it. Oboghor graduated from high school, but there is no information about her university education. She could develop her own business, and not study.

Karo Oboghor biography

Kirachaana’s Career

Karo Oboghor started her career at the age of 18. A little earlier, she registered on Instagram under the nickname Kirachaana, where she published her achievements as an aspiring model. Such content appealed to the people of South Africa. The first 100 thousand subscribers pushed the girl to expand her field of activity.

Kirachaana does not reveal where she got the start-up capital for the business. She could earn this money herself, because the first success is associated precisely with popularity on Instagram. In the future, she began to trade in cosmetics (both decorative and medicinal). Her online store cannot be called very popular, but the girl has regular customers.

She now has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. This makes her a highly sought-after model and a person whose opinion others take into account.

Also, the girl is associated with the auto business. Presumably, she owns Kira Autos.

Karo Oboghor

Karo Oboghor’s Husband and Divorce

The personal life of a blogger is constantly the subject of discussion. Subscribers are waiting for news about her husband or boyfriend. Relations with businessman and investor Ademola Fagade are confirmed. Only the lazy did not have time to look at their joint photos. However, after a while social networks were empty. There are no more photos of Karo and Ademola together. Apparently, there was a break in relations. Fans who are sure that the couple previously got married are calling it a divorce.

Now Kirachaana is definitely not married. She does not have kids. We will soon learn about the prospects for further love affairs from her blog, because she is very open and emotional.

Kirachaana (Karo Oboghor) Net Worth

The girl leads a luxurious lifestyle. At her young age, she was able to earn a lot of capital. This blogger’s Net Worth can reach $1 million, but it certainly doesn’t exceed that amount. Her colleagues from the US and Europe earn twice as much. This is due to the fact that it has too large an African audience, and the monetization of such activity brings less income than views from users from the United States.

Kirachaana: Beauty and Business Talent
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