Who Is Khalid “Sunny” Niaz, Husband of Saba Ibrahim?

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Khalid “Sunny” Niaz is the newly made husband of Indian YouTube and Instagram blogger Saba Ibrahim. The man got on the YouTube channel of her brother Shoaib Ibrahim several times. After that, millions of fans of brother and sister Ibrahim began to wonder who the mega-popular girl gave her heart to. There were many applicants for her love, but only the mysterious Sunny received it. What is his business and what does he do? What is his age, religion and education?

Biography: Who Is Khalid “Sunny” Niaz?

Khalid is from India. He is a little older than Saba. He looks 30-32 years old. A man loves privacy, so he does not announce his date of birth. Guests at a luxurious November wedding could ask the groom about his origins. All his answers remained secret.

His religion is more obvious. On Instagram, the man congratulated all believers on Ramadan, and this indicates that he professes Islam. In this matter, he will definitely not have disagreements with the Ibrahim family.

Very little is known about his business. He has nearly 100k followers on Instagram (many only followed him when they found out about his relationship with Saba). He has a small YouTube channel with 2,200 subscribers. In the social network, content is dedicated to the daily life of a man. The video blog deals exclusively with the relationship with his wife.

There is an account on LinkedIn of a man named Khalid Niaz. He is an HR specialist with extensive experience. There is a possibility that this is our hero. The age of this man is doubt. He graduated from the university in 2004, which means he should be about 40 years old now. The blogger’s husband looks younger.

Relationship with Saba Ibrahim

khalid niaz saba ibrahim biography

A man and a woman in love got married on November 4, 2022. The ceremony was truly magnificent. Saba’s millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube were able to watch her details for several days.

Prior to this, the couple had been dating for about 6 months (definitely at least 4 months). Their relationship developed very quickly. Already in the summer of 2022, everyone knew that a magnificent wedding was planned.

The Ibrahim family received the man very well. This means that he is a worthy person. Shoaib (blogger and brother of Saba) mentioned Sunny in several of his videos. He also sees him as a brother.

Khalid “Sunny” Niaz Net Worth

khalid niaz saba ibrahim biography

Determining Khalid’s income and wealth is very difficult. Now he and his wife have a family budget. The family net worth can easily reach $1 million. Was he as rich before the wedding as his wife? He’s definitely a rich man. But social media suggests that Niaz has lived a more modest life. We can assume that his net worth is 200 thousand dollars. More accurate data will be online soon, but for now, Sunny continues to keep its business private.

Who Is Khalid “Sunny” Niaz, Husband of Saba Ibrahim?
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