Julio Vaqueiro: Biography of a Talented Journalist

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Julio Vaqueiro

Occupation journalist
Date of Birth 1989 or 1990
Family status married, has 3 children
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Julio Vaqueiro is a popular TV presenter. He is best known for his work on Noticias Telemundo. The man works in Mexico and the USA. He received an Emmy Award for outstanding journalism. Millions of viewers know him, but almost no one knows about his age, family, income.

Biography: Age, Family

Julio was born and raised in the small Mexican town of San Juan del Río (Queretaro). He does not publicly give the exact date of birth and age, but indirect evidence indicates that he was born in 1989/1990. Vaqueiro grew up in a large family. He has 2 brothers. An example for the boys was always their grandfather, who constantly worked so that the family could afford a good life.

The guy first thought about the career of a journalist at the age of 12. He loved to write and conduct mini-investigations, prepare presentations, expositions. The teachers at the school appreciated his talent.

After school, Julio successfully graduated from the Universidad Anáhuac del Norte. He received a bachelor’s degree in communications. The young man showed perseverance and love for the profession of a journalist, so he was able to get a job immediately after graduating.


Julio Vaqueiro Wikipedia

Vaqueiro’s first journalistic achievements were stories and investigations into the details of the fight against drug trafficking, and coverage of the historic trip of the Pope to Mexico. Telemundo managers drew attention to the work of the regional reporter. He was offered a position as a presenter in the Los Angeles branch of the channel. He periodically visited Mexico as a news correspondent. He is fluent in Spanish and English, so he was able to participate in a joint international project between NBC and Telemundo. After moving to Los Angeles, one of the important areas in journalism for a man was the coverage of the life of emigrants. Not all people who came to the US from Latin America can boast of a successful career. Most are having difficulty. Julio wanted to reveal the dark side of emigration, as he understands these people very well.

Now he is the main star of Noticias Telemundo. Julio moved to the central office of the TV channel. Vaqueiro airs Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm and draws a huge audience.

Julio Vaqueiro’s Wife and Children

The journalist has a wonderful family. He is very proud to be the father of 3 children. Julio has two sons and one daughter. He is married to Fer Barrios (on Instagram, the man calls her Chaparra). The couple got married on April 5, 2014. Most of the posts on the man’s social networks are dedicated to his work, but he always finds a place for romantic messages about his spouse and posts full of love about children.

Julio Vaqueiro Wife and Children

Vaqueiro believes that being a father is important for a journalist. So it is easier for him to understand the world around him and the problems of people.

Julio Vaqueiro Net Worth

The Mexican has a very good salary. He is one of the most rated journalists of the channel. He, like his colleagues, never talks about salary, but he can increase his capital by 100-200 thousand dollars a year. Those who attribute to him the status of a millionaire are deeply mistaken. His net worth reaches 600-700 thousand dollars.

Julio Vaqueiro: Biography of a Talented Journalist
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