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Juan Gonzalez

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Date of Birth 06.13.1993
Family status single
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Juan Gonzalez (ThatWasEpic) is a YouTuber from the USA who makes funny videos with strangers. He is a master of good and unexpected pranks. The guy is very generous and constantly pleases the heroes of his videos with valuable gifts. He has a bright and eventful life, but this is the merit of his hard work, which few people know about due to the fact that there is no information about the blogger on Wikipedia. Subscribers deserve to know his age, nationality, where he was born and lives now, how the ThatWasEpic channel started, who he dates.

Biography: Wiki Data

Where was Juan Gonzalez (ThatWasEpic) born? He is really Mexican and was born in Mexico in the beautiful city of Cancun. By nationality, he is more of a Mexican, but it is likely that he has a multinational family. His mother’s name is Natalia, but the guy does not tell details about the life of his parents. In addition to Juan, there are 6 more girls in the Gonzalez family. The blogger is surrounded by beautiful sisters and always tries to be a real brother for them.

How old is Juan Gonzalez (ThatWasEpic)? He was born on June 13, 1993. It will not be difficult for you to understand his age. He is a man in his prime.

Juan Gonzalez family

The future star of YouTube and social networks grew up in his homeland. After graduation, he moved to the USA. He now lives and works in Arizona.

Career: ThatWasEpic Pranks

After graduating from college, Juan chose his life’s work to make content for YouTube. At the age of 21 (in 2014), he created his own channel and recorded his first video – a social experiment with losing $100 and checking the reaction of passers-by to a valuable find. The right marketing strategy was able to help draw the attention of the audience to such content. In 2014, there was no Tik Tok, and there were not many quality pranks on YouTube. ThatWasEpic caught on to the trend and quickly gained millions of views.

The most viewed video on ThatWasEpic has over 52 million views. In it, Juan ruins headphones for strangers and gives Apple wireless headphones in return. In total, his content has gained about 1 billion views, which makes him one of the most popular YouTubers who play pranks on people.

This job brings him a good income. He would not be able to spend several thousand dollars on props for pranks if he did not receive several times more income in return. Sometimes for filming a video he has to spend about 10 thousand dollars. A similar case was when Juan gave passers-by macbooks. Gonzalez earned about $500,000 from direct payouts from YouTube alone. Sponsorship contracts brought him twice as much. Its net worth is guaranteed to exceed $1 million.

Juan posts new videos every week. He is quite creative, so subscribers always get intrigue. The young man’s income will rise.

ThatWasEpic Biography

Epic Juan’s Girlfriend

Gonzalez has a very memorable appearance. Girls who follow his work constantly show interest in his personal life. The guy had a serious relationship, but they are in the past. He has no wife and children. A rich and successful man attracts women. It is hard to imagine that now he is not trying to build a new relationship. However, the guy does not share information about who owns his heart.

Juan Gonzalez: Epic Youtuber
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