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Jon Denton

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Date of Birth 08.18.1982
Family status married
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Jon Denton is a popular British YouTuber who reviews current events in the world, films reactions to music news. He is one of the old-timers of YouTube. His content remains relevant and engaging to a following of which he will soon have half a million. He is also co-host of the Rock Reacts music review channel. The blogger shoots a lot of videos, leads Instagram, but is very stingy with the details of his personal life, plunging fans into informational hunger. This misunderstanding is corrected in this article.

Biography: Age, Origin, Family

Jon was born, raised and still lives in England. His date of birth and age did not raise disputes – August 18, 1982. Denton is a native Englishman, like his entire family. This is easy to understand if you listen carefully to his accent.

In his hometown, he graduated from high school and entered the university. He graduated with honors from Solent University and got a bachelor’s degree.

He started his career in 2006. He worked as a magazine editor for several years (GamesTM, 360). To satisfy his creative ambitions, in 2011 he created a YouTube channel and started doing reviews.

Jon Denton Wikipedia

YouTube Career

Denton has had a professional approach to content creation from the very beginning. He did it with soul and had the appropriate education. Reviews of games, music, show business events and just interesting news were new to the Internet in the early 10s.

Jon has several lines of business. He runs an author’s channel. He also co-hosts the Rock Reacts channel with fellow YouTuber and streamer Simon Miller. There is a narrower content theme dedicated to music.

The Instagram blog has not received the same popularity as the YouTube activity of a man. If the video blog gathered almost 500 thousand subscribers, then Instagram barely got 15.5 thousand fans.

Behind the scenes, Jon Denton is not only a YouTuber. He still works as a writer and consultant. He is a ghostwriter for computer game reviews. He does not disclose customers, but such magazines as Eurogamer, gamesTM, The Telegraph, OXM used his services.

In his spare time, a man goes in for sports. He achieved high results in Brazilian jiujitsu. In 2022, he received a black belt in this martial art.

Does Jon Denton Have Girlfriend or Wife?

Jon Denton Wife

The youtuber and reviewer has a family. He is a grown man who has achieved success not only in his work, but also in his personal life. He has been married for several years. He does not name the name of his beloved woman. Loyal fans can take a closer look at his Instagram posts. Perhaps in some of them he gave a little more information than usual. Jon Denton also has two sons. He is crazy about them and tries to give them enough time.

Jon Denton Net Worth

During his long career, the Briton was able to put together an enviable capital. Just look at his new sports car, home and leisure. He doesn’t overspend, but it’s hard not to notice that he spends several hundred thousand dollars a year. Its net worth can be estimated at 1.2 million dollars, and its annual income is 400-500 thousand dollars. The main source of his income is YouTube monetization and freelancing.

Jon Denton: Youtuber’s Bio and Wiki
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