Jan Markell: Biography of a strong woman

Full name

Jan Markell

Occupation evangelist, preacher, writer, radio host
Date of Birth 1944
Family status single
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Jan Markell is a religious activist, writer, presenter. She is the founder of the Christian organization Olive Tree Ministries. The woman has a controversial reputation and past, but is respected by the adherents of her beliefs.

Biography: Age, Family, Education

Jan was born in 1944. She is an American with Jewish roots. Her father was Jewish. He professed Judaism. A woman often focuses on her origin, although her mother is an evangelist, and her hometown is Minneapolis (Minnesota). There she first attended a large-scale worship service.

This happened in 1955 when Jan was only 11 years old. The girl, at the invitation of her neighbors, attended a visiting sermon by Baptist Hyman Appleman. Jan was later joined by her mother. This prompted Markell to study the Bible and other religious literature.

Jan received her education at a Christian college. Some sources say that there she became acquainted with the practices of the occult, including using an Ouija board for séances with other students. Markell later recanted these activities.

The woman studied at Bethel University in St. Paul. She received her associate’s (bachelor’s) degree. What specialty it was, the sources do not indicate.

Jan Markell’s Beliefs and Divine Services

The woman actively fights for the rights of the Jews, but is not a Jew. This is an interesting combination and non-standard vrovanie. To substantiate it and gather like-minded people around her, Jan founded Olive Tree Ministries in 1982. Until 1985, she spent every day in worship, missionary trips and sermons. This led to the fact that the woman began to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. It wasn’t until 2000 that she reported miraculous healing.

The return to work was marked by the launch of a new line of business. Markell became the host of the author’s radio program. At first, she only broadcast on Minneapolis, but now her transmission is available to users from all over the world. The daily coverage of listeners exceeds 5 thousand people. She communicates with listeners on a variety of topics (from same-sex marriage to politics).

Her religious organization has a YouTube channel. Almost 200 thousand people watch it. They will learn interesting news, the author’s assessment of events in the world, recommendations on how to get closer to God.

The activist is the author of several theological bestsellers. Gone the golden dream was reissued three times from 1979 to 1993. The book Waiting for a miracle: devotions for those who are physically weak, published in 1993, is still popular with readers.

Jan Markell Biography

Personal Life: Husband and Children

The preacher and evangelist has no husband. Her family is her fellow believers, listeners and spectators. Jan also has no children (neither relatives nor adoptive ones). Among the flow of various interesting information, there was no place for a logical explanation of such a woman’s position in life.

Jan Markell Net Worth

The leader of public opinion has never focused on the monetary aspect of her activities. It is very difficult to assess the commercial component of her work. Markell can secure a comfortable old age, but she has never published official income and capital statements. The probable net worth can be estimated at 200-300 thousand dollars. However, this figure could be much higher.

Jan Markell: Biography of a strong woman

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