Analyst Jacques Baud and war in Ukraine 

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Jacques Baud

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Date of Birth 1955
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Jacques Baud – a former Swiss military analyst and author of numerous books on military-political topics –  is now constantly on the buzz. Jacques pays great attention to Putin’s activities. In connection with the war in Ukraine, his opinion on the topic of the activities of the odious dictator is of great interest and criticism.


The Swiss citizen was born in 1955. He avoids publicity, so it is difficult to find information about him. Jacques does not lead  social networks. He devoted his whole life to military service and ended a brilliant career with the rank of colonel. His appointment to the Swiss Strategic Intelligence Service, where he served for seven years, was  interesting. Then his activities were connected with the UN peacekeeping structures. For example, he was one of those who tried to prevent an armed conflict in the Congo, then dealt with the problems of the conflict in Sudan.

Jacques Baud war in Ukraine and Putin

In the coming years, he headed the Research Department of the International Center for the Training of Peacekeepers. He then collaborated with NATO.

Jacques Baud about War in Ukraine

Jacques tells the world what he thinks is happening in Ukraine, and what a fierce struggle for global dominance is unfolding on the country’s territory. He believes that Western political leaders are waging a serious war against Russia. Analytical reviews of the politician are characterized by their depth and interesting conclusions. And often arouse keen interest and criticism. He justifies Putin’s war in Ukraine in every possible way and declares that this is precisely the war of the West against Russia. He categorically denies the killings of civilians in Bucha.

Books, essays, Putin

Jacques Baud is the author of numerous books that have even become bestsellers. After such an impressive life experience, he has something to tell the audience.

The first book was The Encyclopedia of Intelligence and Secret Services (1997). Of course, he would never have given away real secrets, and yet he made public some information about the activities of the special services of different countries. The audience was delighted. Then, a military analyst and keeper of incredible intelligence secrets, published nine more books, numerous essays and articles. All his works became popular, causing a great resonance in society. He boldly speaks about the sources of terrorism and effective methods of combating them, criticizes the media that do not shun fake news, and so on. In his essays, he expresses anti-globalization sentiments. In particular, many noted that Jacques Baud criticizes the United States and supports the actions of Vladimir Putin.

Jacques Baud biography

He is convinced that the US is trying to destroy relations between Russia and Germany. He strongly supports the bloody war of Russia against Ukraine, explaining it by the fight against Nazism in Ukraine. Note that during the war in Syria, he also supported Putin’s actions. Some claim that the analyst was recruited by Russian intelligence.

Analyst Jacques Baud and war in Ukraine 
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