Ivan Shulzhenko: an exclusive first-hand story

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I was born on July 3, 1981 in the city of Stavropol, Russia, in a family of teachers.

My musical history began in the summer of 1998.

Together with my friend Alexei, we met with one person, whose name is Evgeny, nicknamed BES. Eugene told us about such a genre of music as Heavy Metal. He recorded a lot of music. Then it was still audio cassettes. We listened to Cradle of Filth, Canibal Corpse, Ingwie Malmsteen and others, listened, penetrated and comprehended new things.

After I met Heavy Metal, I liked the drum parts so much that I immediately wanted to become a drummer.

In the city where I lived, there was a percussion studio “Flam”. Of course, I went there and signed up as a student.

The lessons were very easy for me, I grabbed everything literally on the fly, there was a feeling that I was born to play the drums. I mastered Azami literally within three months, I could already play something and, of course, I wanted to buy my first drum kit. I remember how I saved up money, asked my parents to financially support me, and even my grandmother, probably seeing my enthusiasm, also contributed to the purchase of my first drum kit. Of course, I am very grateful to all of them for this first aid. Family support is VERY important.

So, in 1999 I bought my first drum set, it was not new, I remember it now, it was AMATI.

I put it in my house and started playing something. Every day my progress was obvious, every time it got better and better.

And so my musician friends (Aleksey guitar, Vitaliy bass guitar and me on drums) and I decided to create our first band, which we later called Monfocon. The name was suggested to us by the same BES, we liked it and we started to create Heavy Metal with Power Metal elements.

We practiced 5 times a week (!) at the rehearsal base at the school where my father worked.

He provided us with a place for rehearsals, for which special thanks to him too. We brought all the equipment there, I moved my drums there, there were school acoustics.

The group existed for 3 years, we performed at school and district concerts, these were the first successes, then we “grew a little”, we matured both in music and in life, then each of us began to develop in our own separate directions.

It’s normal when people grow and develop, something changes, someone may have other interests, an interest in a different musical direction. Bassist Vitaliy started to play in parallel with another team, and as a result, he later left there.

In 2004, I became a part of the musical group “Trust”, whose leader to this day is my close friend and fellow musician Anton Mishukov. My joint work with the TRUST team lasted about 3 years and I can say that it was one of the coolest periods of my musical life and my development as a more experienced musician. We toured a lot and recorded the FIRST album “ESCAPE” (2005). We got on very well and are still friends with all the guys.

Ivan Shulzhenko biography

The development process naturally moved me to the next stage and I realized that I already want something more.

So in 2007 I went to Moscow and immediately started looking for a musical team. The first team I got to in Moscow was “Deviant Syndrome”, with whom we played in Moscow clubs. It was the Melodic Death Metal style.

Ivan Shulzhenko biography

Then in 2009 I get to Oleg Mishin, he is a great professional, singer and composer, author of most of the songs of the Catharsis group.

At that time he was creating his own project “O.M.” where I was invited to audition. At the first rehearsal, I was very worried, because. I understood that this was already a different level and that these were professional musicians. And my further musical destiny depends on how I will play. In the end, everything worked out, I played perfectly, at least a little and “corrected” from excitement.

Oleg took me to his group, I am very grateful to him for this. Oleg taught me a different genre of music and I grew a lot as a musician in his team. We played together for several years, shot a video for the single “Mim” from the album “Angel”, and then in 2011 we recorded the EP “Beast”.

Ivan Shulzhenko biography

At the same time that I was playing with the O.M. I found out that the famous band “Corrosion of Metal” [6] needed a drummer and wrote to the Leader Sergey Pauk Troitsky “I am ready to become a part of Corrosion of Metal”. He invited me to audition and after that he immediately gave me a set of songs that I had to learn for the next tour. So I started an active touring life with Metal Corrosion. He became friends with the band, and is also still on good terms with Spider and guitarist Dmitry “Berserk”, as well as Andrey Magadansky, ex-tour manager.

I played KM for many years with interruptions until 2015. There were many concerts, shows, clips were recorded, an album, there were many different funny and amazing stories and adventures of the group.

Ivan Shulzhenko biography

In 2015, I moved to the United States and a completely different life began here. I had a creative crisis: a new country, new people, a new language, I could not find any musicians or anyone else. As a result, I practiced at home, bought myself electronic drums and practiced so as not to lose my skill.

In 2017, in Miami, together with guitarist Vlad, we opened the Ivan Shulzhenko DRUM SCHOOL music school, where in total we had 17 students of different ages. We had reporting concerts, it was very fun, friendly and in the spirit of joint creativity. There are people who have moved from America to Europe and continue to study even remotely.

A school for children is wonderful, seeing the success of your students is one of the most valuable rewards. At the same time, I always knew that I was born for the stage, I am a musician and cannot live without music, concerts, performances. So I continued to actively look for like-minded people in the field of music in my state and city. As a result, I found guitarist David Bautista and together with him and bassist Juan S. Ramirez from the band Omnisium[7] in 2021 we made a joint cover collaboration[8] of Slayer on the song “Raining Blood” and then we plan more joint work.

Ivan Shulzhenko biography

Now I am open to creative offers.

There is still a lot of things that I want to do and I will do it!

Ivan Shulzhenko: an exclusive first-hand story

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