Irina Konstantinova (hey_iren): biography of a millionaire blogger

Full name Irina Konstantinova
Occupation instagram blogger
Date of Birth 05.18.1996
Family status married
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Hey_iren (real name Irina Konstantinova) is a Moscow-based blogger who has gained popularity due to relevant and interesting content. For several years he has been making funny (sometimes satirical) vines about women’s life, relationships with men, funny everyday situations. In 2020, she began to discover a new facet of her blog, talking about the life of a young family with a small child.


Irina constantly tells subscribers about her thoughts, reasoning, about her past and present. However, very little is known about the childhood of the future blogger, her parents, schooling. The girl was born on May 18, 1996. Years later, on this day, thousands of followers shower Ira with warm words and wishes.

As a child, Irina discovered in herself a penchant for drawing. She graduated from art school. The girl did not abandon her creative passion. After a certain time, it was it that helped her take her first steps in Instagram blogging.

hey iren bio

After school, the young lady decided to keep up with her peers and entered the university. After four years of study, she spoke positively about the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, but admitted that the choice of specialty turned out to be very doubtful. Ira received a diploma in advertising and public relations. In addition, she took an optional course of an interpreter from English. However, having received a bachelor’s degree, she did not begin to work in her specialty. Her Instagram blog has already begun to bring the first profit. The choice was made in favor of blogging. As it turned out, in the future, this decision turned out to be correct.

Instagram career and vines

Hey_iren (this is the nickname the blogger chose for herself) started with a photoblog. The content mainly consisted of personal photographs and presentations of hand-painted paintings. On the latter, the girl portrayed well-known personalities on the network. Many of them gave their feedback, which seriously helped the beauty with the development of her own account.

Significant for Hei_Iren was the acquaintance with the viner and blogger Rakhim Abramov. At the time of meeting, he had already made a name for himself on the Internet. Soon Ira began to appear in his vines. Subscribers appreciated her artistry and beauty.

hey iren bio

After many doubts, the girl decided to start filming and posting mini-videos on Instagram on her own. According to her, she could start doing this earlier, but she faced criticism and misunderstanding from some friends and acquaintances. Having cast aside skepticism, enlisting the help of Rakhim Abramov, on December 5, 2017, Irina washed down her first wine. It was a success, surpassing any of her previous posts in views.

For two years of active work on the account, Ira was able to reach the coveted mark – 1 million subscribers. Popularity allowed to open an offline business line. The girl has a pajama store for all occasions.

Personal life (husband, child)

2020 has become a landmark year for Irina Konstantinova in every sense. The year even started unusually. Right on New Year’s Eve, Dmitry made her a marriage proposal. What answer did the beauty give? It’s easy to guess, because on February 21 the wedding ceremony took place.

hey iren with her husband

A little later it turned out that the young family was waiting for replenishment. On July 30, 2020, they had a son, who was named Maxim. The birth was not without difficulties, so it was decided to resort to a caesarean section. Fortunately, everything went well.

Hey_iren (Irina Konstantinova) now

With the birth of a child, the hey_iren blog began to develop in another direction. Now not a single day is complete without stories about the nuances of the life of a young mother and her baby.

Recently, a married couple started their first professional photo shoot with Maksimka. Here is one of the exclusive shots of this photoset.

hey iren baby son

Irina Konstantinova (hey_iren): biography of a millionaire blogger
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