Guy Yovan: Little-known Facts About the Life of a Famous Host

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Guy Yovan

Occupation host
Date of Birth 1961
Family status unkown
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Guy Yovan is an American television host who works for HSN. TV shows with his participation are watched by whole families. This man is completely given to work, forgetting about himself. Therefore, viewers are constantly trying to find out which Guy is off the air, how his family lives, what his salary is.

Biography: Age, Family

Guy was born in 1961. Only devoted fans know the exact date of birth, but the man does not hide his age. Very little is known about his childhood. On social networks, Yovan posted several childhood and youth photos, and also dedicated a post to his mother. These data are not enough to draw any firm conclusions. The leader studied at the university. Judging by his appearance during his student years, he was fond of sports and often visited the gym. He is still a very strong man, but in his youth he had an ideal athletic figure.

Career on HSN

Yovan has been on HSN for a long time and viewers don’t imagine him on another channel. The first appearance on the screen occurred in 2009. He did a lot for the success of his television shows. He is a very versatile leader, so he can participate in any project. Guy also hosted evening shows, reviewed sports events, went on dangerous trips with a film crew.

Guy is very active on Facebook. If viewers want to know the latest information about his life, then they can only get it there. Until 2013, he constantly shared news on Twitter, but for some reason he stopped maintaining the author’s page on this social network. Instagram is dedicated to work and son. These are the two main passions in his life.

Guy Yovan’s Wife and Children

Guy Yovan family

The host has a son, Danny. Who is the mother of this handsome young man is not exactly known. Guy was married, but current marital status is uncertain. In his social networks there is a place for his son, but not for his wife. Regular viewers may know some details that they can share with our editors. We don’t want to make assumptions that might offend Yovan’s feelings.

Guy Yovan Net Worth

The native channel appreciates its best presenter very much. He has one of the highest salaries in the team. The exact income is part of a non-disclosure agreement between the employee and the employer. We assume that Guy Yovan’s net worth is around $300-400k and his annual salary is around $100k.

Guy Yovan HSN

You could notice that this site has the most complete information about this person among all Internet resources. However, it is still not enough. If you have additional details about Guy’s biography, then contact us immediately so that together we tell the world about the talented host.

Guy Yovan: Little-known Facts About the Life of a Famous Host
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