Gianluca Vacchi: extraordinary dancing millionaire

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Gianluca Vacchi

Occupation businessman, blogger, DJ
Date of Birth 08.05.1967
Family status married
Height/Weight 172 cm/ 77 kg
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Gianluca Vacchi (dancing millionaire, Playboy grandfather) is an Italian businessman and investor. He gained popularity on the Internet due to his spectacular appearance and positive nature. The man made several dance videos that went viral. The gray-haired handsome man is fond of music, so he released several tracks as a DJ and sometimes gives concerts on large dance floors. Below you will find the most complete description of his path to success, the secrets of his personal life and real income.

Biography: Instead of Wikipedia

Gianluca’s first internet success stems from the myth of his age. He has gray hair, so many viewers thought that he was already a grandfather. At the time of filming, he was only 49 years old. He was born on August 5, 1967.

Where was Gianluca Vacchi born? Italy is the birthplace of Vacchi. He was born in Bologna. His family had a big business, of which Gianluca became a part when he grew up.

From early childhood, Vacchi became interested in music. At the age of 7 he learned to play the piano. His grandmother was his first music teacher.

When Gianluca grew up, he took over the general family business. He had enough funds to invest, so he founded IMA.

At 45, the man realized that he had sufficient dividends from the business and could afford to live in pleasure. In 2014, the millionaire created an Instagram page and became an active participant in the life of social networks. He devoted his time to childhood dreams. His figure has become an example of perfection. Gianluca has written a book about his lifestyle: food, sports and business.

At this time, the Italian decided to start a musical career. He did not set himself the task of becoming a star of the dance floors, but popularity on the Internet helped him quickly draw the attention of the public to his debut tracks. Gianluca Vacchi has released several hits as a DJ. He is a welcome guest at electronic music concerts.

Personal life: Wife or Girlfriend

The dancing millionaire has never had a problem with female attention. He had short relationships with several beauties: first with Michelle Rodriguez, then with Lindsay Lohan.

Did Gianluca Vacchi get married? The millionaire is married to Sharon Fonseca. All of his previous relationships ended without marriage. Sharon gave birth to a beloved man’s daughter. This union has been in existence for several years. There is no reason to believe that anything can interfere with family happiness.

Gianluca Vacchi wife

The most famous businesswoman is Giorgia Gabriele. She is often referred to as his ex-wife. However, there is no reliable evidence that this union was legalized by marriage. This model became famous for being part of a viral video of dancing on a yacht.

Gianluca Vacchi Net Worth

Playboy has many sources of income. He constantly invests in new projects. Gianluca has written several books that are a hit with readers. The work of a DJ also constantly increases his deposit. Approximate net worth of a beautiful life lover is 200 million dollars. About half of this money was brought to him by a lucrative deal to sell part of IMA shares. In 2022, Vacchi opened a fast food chain. He personally presented a new institution in Ibiza.

Gianluca Vacchi net worth

How did Gianluca Vacchi get rich? He has never been poor. The Italian was in the family business. When he wanted to diversify his capital, he founded a health products company. A few years later, he sold it for several tens of millions of dollars. All his projects are temporary. Gianluca builds a successful business and sells it for several times the price.

Photos for this article were taken from an open source: Gianluca Vacchi Instagram.

Gianluca Vacchi: extraordinary dancing millionaire
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