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GENTRI is a trio of musicians from the USA. The band’s name stands for “The Gentlemen Trio”. This team has a lot of fans in the USA, Australia, Great Britain and other countries. Musicians perform author’s songs and covers of world hits. Some of their YouTube videos have received hundreds of thousands of views.

Biography of GENTRI singers

The musical men’s group was founded in the summer of 2014 in Utah. The men met at a production of the musical Les Misérables at the Hale Center Theatre. After the end of the project, they decided to join forces and start a joint creative career.

Now this is a trio of tenors who perform classical ballads, covers of pop hits, author’s compositions of various genres. The men have developed a strong friendship, so the group has been performing in the same line-up for many years.

The members of the trio position themselves as gentlemen. Critics can not give an exact definition of their genre. It can be called “gentleman’s pop”. However, GENTRI is constantly experimenting with style. Each listener can find songs to their liking.

Who are the men of GENTRI?

The group includes singers Brad Robins, Casey Elliott and Bradley Quinn Lever. The trio has a peculiarity. In fact, the group consists of four people. An indispensable participant who often remains behind the scenes is Stephen Nelson. Listeners are surprised to learn about him when they ask who the pianist of GENTRI is.

Brad Robins was born in Centerville, Utah. In high school, he developed a passion for music and singing. Thanks to highly qualified teachers, he received sufficient skills for professional performances.

Brad Robins gentri biography

Brad did not immediately start a musical career. At first he spent two years in Moscow on a church mission. After that, he entered the Marriott School of Management, where he received a degree in Business Management.

The man is fond of photography and sports. In his free time, he plays golf, rides a bike and goes hiking.

Casey Elliott was born in California but moved to Bountiful, Utah with his parents as a child. He grew up in a musical family, so the love of creativity was born in him at a very early age. The man knew that he wanted to devote his life to music. He toured all over the world. His artistry has always aroused the interest of musical directors, so Casey has firmly staked out a place for himself on the stage.

Casey Elliott gentri biography

The singer tries to devote time to his large family. He tries to be a good owner of the house, so he makes repairs himself. His friends joke about it: “Casey pretends to know what he’s doing when he does DIY projects around the house.”

Bradley Quinn Lever was born in Salt Lake City. He has been involved in music since childhood. After graduating from Westminster College, Bradley began playing his first shows in the US. He played leading roles in famous musicals: Les Misérables, Tarzan, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and others.

Bradley Quinn Lever gentri biography

Bradley has an entrepreneurial streak. He is engaged not only in creativity, but also in successful business. The man founded a multimedia production company. He created the GENTRI brand. Thanks to this, recognition in the world has increased significantly.

Are the GENTRI singers Mormon?

are the GENTRI singers Mormon

The musicians do not hide their religion. They are supporters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Therefore, GENTRI recorded a special album Hymns (2018), which included 12 religious tracks. This music will appeal not only to Mormons. In it, the gentlemen retained their style.

GENTRI best songs and albums

The trio of gentlemen have released four mini-albums and three full-length albums. GENTRI’s Christmas compilations (especially the latest album “Season of Light”) have become the most popular.

The first album called GENTRI was released in 2015. There were several original compositions that immediately hit the top charts.

The real flowering of popularity came after the start of active work on YouTube. Several video clips have already gained about a million views.

The Little Drummer Boy charity video received phenomenal success. The musicians helped a seriously ill boy. In 2021, they recorded a special composition. The video received 120 million views.

Among the favorite songs of the fans of the gentleman’s trio are: Mary Did You Know, Mary’s Boy Child, I’ll Fly Away.

Personal life: are the GENTRI singers married?

Gentlemen win the hearts of listeners not only with talent, but also with masculine style and beauty. Some fans are wondering if any of the musicians have a free heart.

Each member of the group has already managed to get a family. Casey Elliott has a wife and four children. Brad Robins got married and recently became the proud father of a daughter. Bradley Quinn Lever got married in 2021 and spends time in the company of his wife and dog.

GENTRI net worth and earnings

The musicians, their producer and director do not publish data on the capital and income of the group. The financial success of the trio can only be assessed by indirect signs.

In open sources, an assumption is published that the personal capital of the musicians is about 2 million US dollars. The source of their income is the concert activities and payments from YouTube. Bradley Quinn Lever’s personal business and income from the GENTRI brand must also be considered. Thus, the annual income of all members of the musical group can reach 800 thousand dollars a year.

GENTRI: who are these musical gentlemen
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