Fabien Frankel: the new Game of Thrones superstar?

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Fabien Frankel

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Date of Birth 04.09.1994
Family status single
Height/Weight 178 cm/ 68 kg
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Fabien Frankel is an actor from London who plays the knight Criston Cole in House of Dragon and Dixon in Venice at Dawn. He became the discovery of 2022, because until that time he had not played the main roles. The man has a memorable appearance. Who are his parents, what is his net worth, does the actor have a girlfriend? The article has answers to these and other incredible questions about the future star.


Fabien Frankel was born in London. His date of birth is April 9, 1994. The future of the child was probably determined by the accident. His father Mark was a successful aspiring actor. However, at the age of 34, for a step then of triumph, he had a fatal accident. Fabien became an orphan at the age of 2. When he grew up, he decided to continue his father’s work. His mother (an advertising manager) approved of her son’s decision.

Cinema lovers drew attention to the bright appearance of Fabien. Some are rightly interested in his nationality and ethnicity. His mother is a native Frenchwoman, and his father is an Englishman of Jewish origin.

To achieve his goals in the professional field, the young man entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, from which he graduated in 2014. Due to the lack of good commercial offers, Fabien took the time to complete his bachelor’s degree at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (2017). In case of casting on a medieval theme, the London actor took a course in stage sword fighting, for which he received the appropriate advanced level certificate.

Fabien Frankel age

A long journey from pupil and student has paid off. Fabien’s diligence has not gone unnoticed in the film industry.

Cinema career: filmography

The first roles of Fabien Frankel had a local character. He started 2022 with several supporting roles in major film and television projects. It is worth highlighting the excellent appearance in the TV series The Serpent (2021) and the romantic film Last Christmas (2019) starring Emilia Clarke.

Fabien Frankel and Emilia Clarke

Fabien Frankel worked on the same set with Daenerys Targaryen. At this time, he could not imagine that he would continue her work in the Game of Thrones prequel.

2022 has become a landmark year for Fabien Frankel. He got into the cinematic universe of the Game of Thrones and became the main character of the movie Venice at Dawn.

Fabien Frankel as Criston Cole in House of Dragon

Fabien Frankel as Criston Cole

The actor passed the cast for the series House of Dragon based on the books by George Martin. The directors gave him great confidence, because they accepted a no-name for one of the main roles. This confirms the real talent of Fabien, who was waiting for the chance to show it to the public.

Fabien plays the role of a knight of the royal guard named Criston Cole. This is a young representative of an ancient Dornish family. He is neither rich nor noble, but noble and courageous. This image is vaguely reminiscent of the real life of the actor.

We do not recommend fans to rush to write down this character as a favorite. The magnificent work of the actor has never been a reason for the writers to leave the character of the Game of Thrones alive. The series has been renewed for a second season. The showrunners have a chance to surprise the audience.

Personal life: does he have a girlfriend

You can learn about Fabien Frankel’s personal life from his Instagram blog. There are a lot of photos in retro style. This confirms that the British actor is an extraordinary person. He loves outdoor activities with friends. However, it is impossible to identify Fabien’s girlfriend in the photographs. In the company of friends there are both men and women. The nature of their relationship can only be friendly.

Fabien Frankel girlfriend

Fabien Frankel has no wife or children. He did not announce a romantic relationship. It is possible that soon he will meet love on the set.

Fabien Frankel net worth

The man has not yet become an actor of the first echelon. His fees are several times less than some competitors. The situation should change soon.

How much did Fabien Frankel receive for playing Criston Cole in House of Dragon? These data will be published after a successful release. The practice of filming the Game of Thrones showed that the fees of the actors grew with each new season. As a result, many leading actors have become millionaires.

Fabien Frankel: the new Game of Thrones superstar?
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