Erin Holbert: beauty farmer biography

Full name

Erin Holbert

Occupation farmer, blogger
Date of Birth around 1994
Family status not married
Height/Weight – cm/ – kg
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Erin Holbert is a farmer girl, YouTube and Tik Tok star. She owns the Heart of the Midwest farm and store in Indiana. The entrepreneur blogs about how she farms. Erin has an interesting success story that she does not hide (except for small details about age, parents, personal life).

Biography: Age and Parents

Erin was born in the small town of Dana, Indiana. Several generations of Holbert lived there. She does not tell the exact date of birth and age. In 2015, she received her bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in agriculture (Agribusiness Management, Crop Science etc). This suggests that Holbert was born around 1994. She has been interested in farming since childhood, so since 2005 she has been working as an assistant at Holbert Farms (her parents’ farm). In 2011, the girl became the winner of the local Ernie Pyle/Dana Fireman’s Festival. This is one of the few noisy and crowded events in the city.

After graduating from the university, Erin worked for 3 years and gained valuable practical experience. Parents supported their daughter’s desire to see the world. In addition to life experience, she received a huge work experience. It was thanks to this experience that her business became quite successful. In 2018, a young girl decided to start her own business, or rather, the continuation of the business of her father, who had a fairly large farm.


Erin Holbert Wikipedia

Erin Holbert loves her small town very much. She managed to work in other places, but the craving for her home turned out to be stronger than the noisy life of a big city. Not all of her friends shared her enthusiasm. Every business needs a market. There were many people around the beautiful farmer who expressed doubts that it was possible to open a store with a sufficient turnover of goods in Dana.

However, Erin showed quick wits. She opened an online store. In 2020, the girl began to showcase her work on YouTube and Tik Tok. She had a large audience there. Posts about life in the American outback are popular.

Erin reveals that she has no regrets about returning to Dana. She loves the harvesting process. Among the plants that can be found on her farm, corn occupies a special place. This is an important product.

The girl has a special position. She is a businesswoman and a farmer. The owner of the company is her father. However, without her help, he would not have been able to attract so much attention from the public. The girl plays the role of a marketer. But she is not afraid of physical labor. Erin can get her hands dirty during the harvest. Subscribers often see her driving a combine. Such simplicity and sincerity attracts a larger and larger audience.

Personal Life: Is She Married

Erin Holbert does not have a husband or children. Maybe she has a boyfriend. On Twitter, the girl made several comic and self-ironic posts about the fact that she does not have a relationship. It is quite popular, so the situation can change quickly.

Erin Holbert personal life

Erin Holbert Net Worth

Erin’s main source of income is farming and selling merch. Her store has a lot of different clothes with a personal brand. She doesn’t get much money from social media. On Instagram, the girl can sometimes see comments from the official page of John Deere. It cannot be ruled out that she has a sponsorship contract with this large manufacturer of agricultural equipment. If so, the net worth of a young girl could be as high as $1 million.

Erin Holbert: beauty farmer biography
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