Emma Mackey: biography and personal life

Full name Emma Margaret Marie Tachard-Mackey
Occupation Actress
Age (date of birth) 01.04.1996
Height/Weight 157 cm
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Each series from Netflix invariably becomes an event, in 2013 the Californian company released “House of Cards” – the first multi-episode film from Netflix, which raised film production to such a height that it tries to match in all its projects. The best films from all over the world are broadcast on the Netflix channel, the British serial project “Sex Education” made people talk about it from the first episodes, and, moreover, exclusively in enthusiastic tones. Emma Mackey, who played the pink-haired outsider girl Maeve, is called the star of the series by film critics and predicts a bright future for her.

Early years

Emma Mackey was born in the French Sarthe, in the city of Le Mans on January 4, 1996. The mother of the actress, Rachel, is a British citizen, a well-known public figure and philanthropist who patronizes many charitable organizations, and her father, French by nationality, is the director of the school.

Emma spent her childhood in the resort of Sables sur Sare, in 2010 the girl entered the Nantes Academy (Académie de Nantes) and graduated three years later with a bachelor’s degree in French and English literature.

In 2013, Mackey moved to Britain, where she was able to enter one of the largest and oldest universities in the country, the University of Leeds, where, as one might assume, she became interested in dramatic art. During her studies, the aspiring actress participated in student theater productions, and when she graduated from the university, the choice of profession had already been made.

emma mackey foto
emma mackey

Career. Start

In 2016, 20-year-old Mackey was cast and got one of the leading roles in the television horror film Badger Lane, a teenage horror film based on the Blair Witch Project. The plot of the picture did not surprise anyone, it told about strange and mystical phenomena that students of the Faculty of Journalism had to face while filming a documentary report at an abandoned brick factory. Together with the actress, young aspiring actors Phillipa Lois-Anamoah and Sam Andrews took part in the film.

The next step for the aspiring actress to popularity was her participation in the sports drama “Fever” directed by Julian Gilby, in which she played in a duet with Freddie Thorpe. The dramatic and life-affirming story of 2018 about climbers who dream of setting a daring record by conquering the three most dangerous peaks in the world (Matterhorn, Eiger and Mont Blanc), which killed many climbers’ lives, is considered the beginning of Emma Mackey’s career.

Personal life

Social networks remain the only source of information about the personal life of a young actress. On Instagram, Mackey publishes photos with family and friends, she does not have many selfies, but many picturesque photos of their countries and cities where she happened to visit, and subscribers can admire the world through the eyes of Emma.

Despite the fact that Mackey herself does not speak frankly with fans, stating that she devotes all her time to improving her acting skills, fans are sure that she still has a boyfriend.

Emma Mackey
Emma Mackey

Emma Mackey now

The British project “Sex education”, presented on the Netflix channel at the very beginning of 2019, has become very discussed. Like the series “Matryoshki”, it was called provocative and revolutionary honest. The serial comedy-drama “Sex Education” reveals the problems that every teenager can face while growing up. The topics of self-identification, acceptance of one’s appearance and sexuality, first love, attraction and first sexual experience are served in the series with a touch of irony, however, not without British humor and a light dose of cynicism. The schoolchildren of the picturesque English town are played by Asa Butterfield, Connor Swindells, Kedar Williams-Stirling and others. Actress Gillian Anderson plays the role of a sexologist, the mother of the protagonist.

The role of her son Otis, a clumsy, big-eyed virgin who studied sexology and gives lessons in sexual education to his classmates, was played by Asa Butterfield, who, since The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, is doomed to the role of eternal big-eyed children. The musical design contributed a lot to the popularity of the project, the film features the music of post-punks The Cure, darkly sexy Suede and other legendary bands of the garage rock era.

Maeve Wiley is an actress? Yes, it’s Emma. The role of the pink-haired Maeve Wiley, a school rabble, was played by Emma Mackey. Many fans of the actress noted that in the series she looks like Margot Robbie, other fans believe that Mackey is more fun, and the external resemblance is due only to the hairstyle and hair color of the school rebel, growing up by leaps and bounds. The third hero of the picture was a black gay, or a black teenager who thinks he is gay, gets into comic situations with strange frequency and does not know who he is in love with more, Otis or Maeve.

Film critics have already “christened” the series a textbook on sex education, and Netflix has announced the start of work on the second season.

Title photo source: Instagram of the actress.

Emma Mackey: biography and personal life
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