Elly Mangat: biography of outrageous Punjab singer

Full name

Elly Mangat

Occupation singer
Date of Birth 08.20.1990
Family status unknown
Height/Weight 180 cm/ 80 kg
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Elly Mangat is a singer from India who conquered listeners from all over the world with his work. His videos get millions of views. He is an eccentric personality and often gets into scandals.

Biography: short wiki

Elly Mangat is from Punjab (city of Dorah). He was born in North West India on August 20, 1990. Real name at birth is not Elly. This is his nickname, which he received for being overweight. Friends called him the Elephant. When the man made an effort and improved his physical form, the nickname was shortened to Elly.

Precise data on the origin and parents of Mangat are not available in open sources. His religion is Sikhism. He was educated in his home country. He has a sister. Details of the distant past Elly does not want to disclose.

Elly Mangat biography

From a young age, his idol was the singer and musician Babbu Maan. Elly loves his work very much. The Punjabi pop star inspired Mangat to pursue music. He chose a completely different style, which causes a certain dissonance. However, the singer is indeed a devoted fan of Babbu, because he got a tattoo with his image on his shoulder. It is very interesting to know how Maan relates to the work of his follower.

Elly Mangat all songs

The man began his professional musical career at the age of 25 (in 2015). His debut hit was Angry Bird. The singer immediately established himself as a gangster with good musical taste.

His songs got the most views: Vailpuna, Nattiya, Gucci Shoes, Delhi vs Punjab, Kalheri Mor. All of them were released under the Game Killerz Records label. The most popular song remains Affair (2016), which Elly recorded together with Mc JD. Their work has gained more than 46 million views on YouTube.

The work of the Punjabi star is associated with constant scandals. He is criticized by his compatriots for the frequent mention of banned substances in the lyrics of his songs. There is information on the Internet that he uses some substances of plant origin.

A loud scandal occurred when Elly was accused of raping an underage girl. This negatively affected his reputation, but did not prevent his popularity. Since there is no indictment of the court on this fact, Mangat is considered innocent, and such accusations are slander. Only a court can find a person guilty of such crimes.

There are fans of the musician all over the world. It even hit the top charts in Australia. One unpleasant conflict is connected with this country. During a concert tour, Elly got into a fight with an audience member.

A man often quarrels with colleagues. He constantly enters into a verbal skirmish with other musicians. This never led to serious litigation. This behavior is necessary to maintain the image of a bad guy and a gangster. In 2019, Elly was in custody for 14 days for organizing a fight. Probably, we are talking about an administrative arrest for hooliganism.

Personal life: girlfriend or wife

Elly Mangat net worth

The musician does not publish photos with girls on his social networks, although his popularity attracts beauties to him. He does not report a relationship, but there is a strong possibility that Elly has a girlfriend. A man cannot hide his soul mate forever.

Elly Mangat net worth

Since 2015, the man’s capital has grown several times. He made huge money. Some sources claim that the musician was able to save up about $4 million. He did not give the exact amount.

Elly Mangat: biography of outrageous Punjab singer
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