Elie Champion: Exclusive Biography Facts

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Elie Champion is an African bodybuilder who impresses with his strength and skill. He showed himself in the gym, in arm wrestling, and in social networks. You won’t find his name on Wikipedia, but here you will find many exclusive facts about the athlete.

Biography: Age, Real Name, Nationality

Elie Champion was born in Cameroon. His real name is Elie Tane Ngnewo, but after pursuing his career, he decided to take a pseudonym.

The real age of Eli Champion is not known for sure, but on his Facebook page he arranged a poll among followers and fans about his age. The most common answer in the survey was the number 27 years. However, the bodybuilder himself did not confirm this information in any way and only mysteriously corresponded with subscribers in the comments.

Elie Champion’s Career

Elie is the 2021 World Bodybuilding Association Champion.

It can be argued that he “sculpted” his body through high-quality training over a long period of time. As Elie himself claims, in the near future he is not going to stop there.

In the world of bodybuilding, Eli Champion received the nickname “African Diamond”, due to his African roots and outstanding sports achievements.

In 2021, Elie Thane Ngnewo won the Classic Mr. Italy.

To his credit, participation and victory in such competitions as Mr. Universe Acapulco 2019. He is the world champion among juniors in bodybuilding, as well as the official ambassador of the supplement brand Levrone.

Elie Champion has always been distinguished by active management of social networks. Now he actively runs a YouTube channel, posts videos on TikTok and does not forget about such social platforms as Instagram and Facebook.

Basically, all of the content he publishes focuses on motivation and showcasing his own workouts in the gym.

Elie Champion’s Diet

Elie Champion's Diet

In order to maintain a low percentage of fat in the body, due to the increase of muscles, it is important to follow a proper diet.

With a body like Elie Champion’s, it is important to eat wisely so as not to harm the body, but to turn fat into useful substances.

For this, a bodybuilder’s diet should include all nutrients in the following ratio: proteins – 50%, carbohydrates – 30%, fats – 20%.

The difficulty of the diet lies in the fact that it should contain protein products that promote muscle growth and low-calorie dishes that burn fat.

As Ngnewo himself claims, it is not diet that is important in his sports training, but primarily sports training. As he says, “if you’ve taken it upon yourself to get stronger in the gym, take it upon yourself to do it right. Quality is more important than quantity. Quality above all.”

Does Elie Champion Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

It’s hard to argue with the fact that Ngnewo is a desirable man for girls based on his looks.

However, he does not advertise his relationship or wife on the Internet. And looking at his profiles on social networks, you can notice the absence of a wedding ring.

From this, we can only guess if the heart of the African Diamond is busy or if he is only focused on his career at the moment.

Elie Champion Net Worth

Elie Champion net worth

Currently, Elie Champion is mainly engaged in personal training in the gym, actively participates in bodybuilding championships and is an ambassador for Levrone dietary supplements. He also has a page on the network, with the publication of adult content for a subscription, which also makes up his monthly income.

Thus, it is difficult to name the exact amount of Elie Champion’s net worth. In our opinion, his net worth may be around $500,000.

Elie Champion: Exclusive Biography Facts
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