Eduin Caz biography: complete collection of facts

Full name

Eduin Oswaldo Parra Cazares

Occupation musician, singer
Date of Birth 07.30.1994
Family status single
Height/Weight 175 cm/ 55 kg
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Tik Tok

Eduin Caz is a popular musician from Mexico, influencer, owner of a lot of money. He founded the pop group “Grupo Firmo”, which was able to convey national Mexican motives to listeners around the world. Fans love his songs far beyond Mexico. The man is known for his love of expensive cars.


On July 30, 1994, the boy Eduin was born into a simple Mexican family. He became the second child. Who is this couple of parents from Culiacan? The answer to the question remains a mystery that Eduin and his older brother Johnny are unwilling to reveal. The childhood of the musician is covered with rumors. He does not want to once again remember the difficult path to success.

Eduin Caz brother
Eduin Caz with brother

Eduin was drawn to music from an early age. He loved to sing and play musical instruments. During his school years, he used public transport and sang popular songs. This was enough for pocket expenses.

When his older brother came of age, Eduin and Johnny moved to Tijuana. The metropolis became the home of the Cazares brothers. Proximity to the border allowed the young man to organize mini-concerts at the checkpoint. Thanks to the large flow of people, the guy managed to earn money for a living.

Creativity did not bring enough money to start a musical career. For a while, Eduin had to sell clothes in a store. When he and his brother raised money and made good friends, the guys had a chance to realize themselves on the big stage.

Musical career: Grupo FirmoEduin Caz grupo firmo

2014 has been a landmark year for Eduin. He organized a musical group with which he gave several concerts in restaurants and clubs of the city. It was not possible to achieve stability in the composition and common views on development. During the year, the names and some members of the group changed. Eduin managed to strike a balance and the Tijuana scene exploded with the creativity of a new group called Grupo Firmo.

The team did not dare to release their own compositions for a long time. The main direction of their work was the performance of covers. Eduin felt that he and his friends were ready for more. In 2017, the debut album Pasado, Presente, Futuro was released.

Most of the songs from the album hit the Mexican charts. Soon, new music became interested in the United States. The popularity began to grow at an incredible rate. Within a few years, Eduin Caz has become the most recognizable Mexican pop artist.

Family: wife and children

The Mexican musician does not say anything about his parents. He expresses his deep gratitude to his older brother for his constant support.

Eduin is married and has two children (a boy and a girl). Daisy Anahy is also very popular thanks to the original Tik Tok blog. However, the history of Eduin and Daisy began long before commercial success. They studied at the same school. The couple started dating around 2010.

The wedding took place in 2015. Since then, man and woman have been inseparable. Both have a lot of family posts on Instagram. The nasty scandal of 2021 with the likely betrayal of Eduin did not destroy the family.

Eduin Caz wife

Eduin Caz net worth: car collection

The Mexican has a large collection of expensive cars. He can afford such a hobby. Ferrari, the Mercedes AMG truck, the sports BMW M5 became his pride. Recently, a man lost his pet – Dodge Ram. The singer got into an accident, after which the car can no longer be used. The total cost of vehicles exceeds US$2 million.

Why can Eduin Caz afford such expenses? The fact is that his capital is estimated at $ 20 million. Every year it replenishes its budget with more than 1 million US dollars. The man turned out to be a smart investor. He diversified his capital. Now he has his own clothing brand and a seafood restaurant.

Eduin Caz biography: complete collection of facts

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